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I didn't find a thread about it, so I'm going to start one. What do you guys think about the new podium ceremony which was introduced in Silverstone. I definetly like the new style of the podium itself, I also think the new flags are pretty cool, especially the way they appear over the drivers heads.
I also like the fact that the interviews are done on the podium, it somehow brings F1 and the drivers closer to the fans.
But correct me if I'm wrong. Has the normal post race press conference been abolished in favor of the podium interviews? If yes, this would be something I didn't like about the changes.

EDIT: The gold strips are crap.
You do? I have to watch the cermeony at every race. I get really angry if for some reason I can't. Especially if a driver appears on the podium for the first time.
I then switch off after the ceremony:)
It's alright. It's a bit more modern and the music makes it all a bit more grand, but I wouldn't miss it if it was gone either. I like the interviews though! Plus we see more of the grid girls :)
I like the podium interviews, its much better than the more formal format used previously, it also gives the drivers less time to think up clever answers to questions. Its all much faster , heres your trophy, heres your champers, now answer this question.

I also like that they are using F1 greats to ask the questions. Its not so easy to B.S. Jackie Stewart or Niki Lauda when they are in your face with a microphone.

Vettel certainly didn't handle Lauda's question on 'The Overtake' with anything sounding like common sense.
Conflicted feelings about this one, though I guess on the list of issues F1 has, its' podium ceremony is one of the minor ones. Quite why now was the perfect time to change things up is anyone's guess. Partly as has already been said, it gives the drivers less time to come up with dull answers, but the thing is they're so well prepped that it doesn't make much difference. By the time the warm-down lap is finished and they've got their emotions out, I'm sure they've received a reminder from their bosses to remember their place and who they represent. On the other hand, live and in the moment is better than closed away in a stuffy TV studio, I think.

Thought it was interesting yesterday how Vettel told Lauda that Button 'had not complained to me', when just a minute or two before, we could overhear the two of them talking about the incident. Bending the truth Sebastian? Surely not..
It's a trade off - either you get someone in F1 who knows how to ask questions (who, exactly?) or you get someone completely and hopelessly inept, but you might get an awkward question that throws off a driver.

What's your definition of the right questions and who to ask them?
I quite enjoy the questions Crofty and James Allen :sick: used to throw in the post race interviews. Maybe they could get Gary Richardson LOL
It is nothing new it is how it used to be done, maybe not actually on the rostrum itself but certainly as they were leaving it and still wearing the laurels and to be honest I prefer it as the drivers don't have any time to rehearse their responses to any question's, we could see seb getting flustered to the extent of actually lying to the questions he was being asked, good stuff.

Has Jenson said anything about your overtake?

Not to me he hasn't..

Yeah right, by the way Seb several million people clearly heard Button say to you, the stewards are investigating your overtake on me.

And be sure to wipe that chocolate off of your cheeks the next time someone asks did you eat all of my chocolate cake..
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