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I voted for both.
Going off tangent now but personally I would ban pit-car communication unless in an emergency & let the drivers decided how the car is going instead of constant feedback from engineers. For this I tip my hat to Kimi.:goodday:

That would make a great poll,
I have heard Lewis saying " don't keep talking to me, when I'm "....racing/overtaking etc.
& Alonso saying "I don't want to know"..( when the team were telling hin Hameelton was catching up with him.....
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Is there a thread about pit-car communication?
The end of Dizzi's post..."For this I tip my hat to Kimi.......:goodday: "
was about a distraction to the driver...
ExtremeNinja - The problem I have is that we only hear what FOM allows us to hear when it comes to radio communications. YHow many other drivers also tell their engineers to shut up and let them get on with their jobs? This is in the same vein as when we always hear the same thing from one driver or other. The communications are sometimes interesting, but in no way do we ever get the whole picture.
I am not sure what your point is or why it is directed at me but it is very clear that we only get to hear selective radio which adds to the TV show by either entertaining or informing the viewer. I have not said anything to the contrary not have I singled out any particular drivers. My point was simply that in the examples given by Dizzi:

"Those were in cases where the information was a distraction to the driver, rather than being useful."
Well, I never thought we'd spring a new thread from my comment.
I wasn't even being as sophisticated as whether the messages were useful or not to the drivers, in my mind I was thinking of how much better MotoGP tends to be. Obviously there's more opportunity for good racing on a bike than in a car but I do also think the lack of 'outside' intereference (for good or bad) puts more onus on the rider/driver to control the whole situation.
Theoretically we may well have had different WDC in 2007 & 2010 if Lewis (China) & Fernando (Abu Dhabi) hadn't followed instructions from the pit & driven their own races.
If we're on Pit to Car Radio I thought Mclaren's message to Button about Webber not having DRS that lap so he should have an oppotunity to have a go at him in the DRS zne, only for Button to come back and say he didn't have DRS either kind of summed up a lot of what happens on the pit wall. At the end of the day the driver knows his situation far better than someone in a technical centre back in the UK does.
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