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What day were you in York FB? I was there on Saturday, you should check out the new museum at the Minster, next time you pop in.
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About a month ago F1Yorkshire. Fancy a trip up there to see the collection of Pacific class steam engines so I will take in the Minster at the same time :thumbsup:


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How do you get the insects to stay still while you snap them snowy?
I wait for them to stop moving then approach them very cautiously, they run, jump or fly off. I wait for them to stop moving and repeat over and over, until either I get the approach right or they just get bored and start ignoring me! Unfortunately not all insects respond the same and some individuals are excessively jittery and will never be photographed... by me at least.

Fortunately there are plenty of cold mornings in England and that slows them down a bit. Often you can find critters that really have an important job to do and no amount of intrusion will deter them from their duties. Eating is very important to most insects.


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Does anyone know of a good website for second hand camera lenses.

Ebay - check
London camera exchange - check

Is there any others worth a look?

I am after a 500mm telephoto lens, canon fit, but don't have the will to part with huge sums of cash in order to get one.


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I am trying to put pictures from a file on here, but it says they are too large. Anybody wanna help me out here?
Do you have an image host, like Flickr, Photobucket, ImageShack?

If not Flickr is pretty useful now they have increased their storage space for free users. They give you links to various sizes of your images making it easy to comply with websites size limits.


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snowy I do not I might have to get Flickr now though. Seems pretty painless, probably won't get used too much but thats ok. Thanks for the help, and awesome pics by the way.
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