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Today a proposed layout for the Thai GP was released. Its just under 6 km long. The start and finish area will overlook the Chao Phraya River. “We may be able to build the main stands in the river,” said Chulakase, “It would also be convenient for transportation of equipment.” Seating for up to 150,000 spectators is planned around the course.

From the waterfront the cars will follow a clockwise route which takes in Ratchadamnoen Avenue which Mark Webber drove along in a demonstration run for Red Bull in 2010.

I started my photo tour from a location in the middle of a grassed area, the start finish area is around the Photo 9 area.


The circuit contains few interesting corners, with most typical of a street circuit, 90 degrees linked by straights of varying length. During my exploration of the route in a clockwise direction (I guessed correctly :) ) I found areas where Singapore type chicane will have to be inserted, especially on the long straight on the right of the image.

My "lap" starts with a wide straightaway about 6 or 7 lanes wide.


Looking back down this section shows a very wide road indeed.


A gentle left hander then follows, which starts a near complete circuit of the Grand Palace precinct. Given the length of this straight section and the narrowing coming up, a chicane will probably be here.

The first corner on the track is a very tight 70 degree corner which narrows considerably

The ensuing straight is very narrow indeed, only 3 lanes this time

The corner at the end is intended to be the final corner on the real lap, narrow and tight, plenty of run off.


The actual pit straight contains 3 kinks and obviously needs to be widened, the rules dicate the width of the pit area and this isn't within that!!




This is the actual turn 1 of the track, might be like the first real corner in Macau as there's a building off to the left so not a lot of space here.


Looking down the straight into T2, a little wider than the previous two, will make for an interesting start.


The next corner leads onto a 750 metre straight which parallels the first very wide straight, should be passing here.




The corner at the end will be interesting, there's a major highway just behind, so a compromosise will have to be reached.

Obviously the next straight won't be like this but that's whats here now.


Next right hander under a bridge leading into yet another straight. Running an F1 GP in what looks like a town street, why would they do that?



Next right hander leads onto the Mulsanne Straight, not an inch of run off space here, so expect another chicane.


This straight is a kilometre long and not the widest one of all time, that's for sure.



And the kink at the end will be fearsome.


Heading down the straight into the most likely passing point on the lap and the only true hairpin onto a very wide straight section around a roundabout.



Up the straight




The final left hander is a long fast one on the map, will probably be changed to a slower one.



And there's a lap of the proposed Thai GP circuit, makes Monaco look like Spa in some areas and not in the best location to be honest, doesn't really showcase the city.
Alright everyone, I've now finished the tour, I've done the best I could given the restrictions on Google Street View
That straight looks mental with the shops so close to the track. Those building owners won't have to work again on the sales alone from letting out the bedrooms to view from.
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