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An article in this week's Autosport talks about the possible intorduction of penalty points for infringements on and off the track in F1. (I personally think off track penalties will open a can of worms and it should be restricted to on track offenses...but thats just me).
This would work like penalty points on a driving license, accumulate enough and you receivre a punishement. it comes about because the FIA dont have a good sysyem in place to punsish repeat offenders. at the moment three reprimands warrent a punishment, but it seems stewards are very reluctant to award the final reprimand that triggers this.
Drivers are in agreement with this idea in principal, but stress that first steward consistency must be achieved. even maldonado, who is this years worst receiver of punishements is in favour of the idea....if consistency is achieved.The drivers say they need to know wheat gets punished and what dosent, there is much confusion.Pedro De La Rosa will speak for the drivers when talking to Whiting about these concerns and will suggest a permanent stewarding panel....if this is not feasible then the stewards should be drawn from a pool of eight or ten.
This season there have been 62 penalties ranging from reprimand to race ban. Hamilton, still referred to in some quarters as too aggresive and the causer of crashes, has not received any, nor has Alonso. sixteen drivers have received penalties, eight haven't.
Here is the list of this years offenders.It may surprise some.
Maldonado (8)
Perez (5)
Vettel (5)
Schumacher (5)
Vergne (4)
Webber (3)
Pic (3)
Grosjean (2)
Senna (2)
Karthikeyan (2)
Kobayashi (2)
Massa (1)
Kovalainen (1)
Petrov (1)
De La Rosa (1)

I think for me the biggest surprises were to see Vettel so high and Grosjean so low. But then i thought, most of Grosjeans infigements have been at the start of races and the stewards are generally more lenient at this point; when they did take action it was with a ban, and that was the first time this centuary that a driver has been punished for triggering a smash off the line.
Anyway, be interested to hear what people think.
Presumably these penalty points are only based on race incidents?
These are all the incidents Vettel has had this season for example:

  • Spain - given a drive through penalty for failing to slow for yellow flags
  • Canada - reprimanded for colliding with Bruno Senna in FP1
  • Germany - finished 2nd but was given a 20 second time penalty for passing Jenson Button off the circuit
  • Belgium - fined €10,000 for performing a practice start in the pit lane during FP3
  • Italy - given a drive through penalty for forcing Fernando Alonso off the circuit
  • Japan - reprimanded for blocking Fernando Alonso in Q3
  • Abu Dhabi - qualified in third position but was excluded from qualifying due to stopping on the circuit due to a lack of fuel
So I'm guess Beligum and Japan wouldn't attract penalty points under this proposed system? Or is it Belgium and Abu Dhabi?

I think something does need to be done because I suspect, as the OP's article states, that stewards are reluctant to give out the third reprimand due to the automatic ban. I firmly believe this is why Perez was let off last weekend at the US GP, especially considering the number of Mexicans in the crowd.

A further flaw with the current system is a driver can be on two reprimands and be given e.g. a drive through penalty for the same offence which earned him a reprimand, thereby once again escaping the ban.

A points system would seem to be the fairest way to go, as long as the stewards are able to apply them consistently.
That, unfortunately, is the biggest failing of all and I don't see that changing any time soon.
Yes this is what the drivers say. they like the idea but only if the stewards are consistent.
Regarding Vettel, he had 2 reprimands, 2 drive throughs and a post race time penalty.Penalties will be disregarded if the issues are attributable to the team, such as gear box, unsafe release, technical infringement.. so id say its Abu Dabi (teams fault) and Spa. (only a fine not a reprimand)
I really like the idea, but don't think it's gonna work. Points will accumulate during the season and towards the end it's more likely that drivers have nearly enough points for a raceban. A reprimand or drivethrough may then lead to a raceban and decide the championship.Just imagine the uproar if the system was already in place and in Austin either Alonso or Vettel did something that would lead to a raceban.
So, if Vettel gets a reprimand after the race does effect the latest/last race of this season and have his position removed from the scoring for Brazil, or does he go into next season with a ban in Australia :)
Hmm, made me look...

The wording implies the ban will not be bound to the season, just the count of reprimands, so care may be required from Mr Vettel:

The stewards may inflict the penalties specifically set out in these Sporting Regulations in addition to or instead of any other penalties available to them under the Code.
18.2 Any driver who receives three reprimands in the same Championship season will, upon the imposition of the third, be given a ten grid place penalty at that Event. If the third reprimand is imposed following an Incident during a race the ten grid place penalty will be applied at the driver's next Event.
The ten grid place penalty will only be imposed if at least two of the reprimands were imposed for a driving infringement.
I need to go back and edit all of my posts because it is of course a 10 place grid drop penalty and not a ban :embarrassed:

(I blame lack of sleep due to the two year old monster currently abiding in our house.)
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