Poll Out of ten: The British GP 2013

Out of ten: The British GP 2013

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Hard to call this one, fantastic racing lots of drama but I also went for a snooze mid race. The race only came alive after Vettels retirement.
Race ruined by crap tyres...should have been a great home win for LH.....-2
But.. .excitement whilst he clawed his way from the back of the pack...to just short of a podium finish....'Driver of the day' for me.+1.
Other tyre failures for Felipe, J.E.Verne & SP..... wrong....... to be penalised for racing/pushing it......-3
Great to see Nico get another win...+1
This is such a tough one to pick so I went for the middle and went for 6 as both the positives and the negatives counterbalanced each other
Tyres fiasco aside, it was going to be a parade to match the worst that Monaco has had a monopoly on.
Tyres fiasco included it was just a bit ...... fiasco-ish!
4 for me - joint worst so far with ....... Monaco!
Gave it a 5 as the race was ruined by tyres AGAIN. Was going to give it a 4 but i gave it an extra point for Vettel breaking down and then tripping over his front wing on the way back to the pits.
What a load of old bollocks, the only reason there was any racing at all is because the safety car kept being deployed and bunching the field up giving a completely unrealistic feel to the non race...

Once again the tyres ruined the race just as they have done for every race so far this season F1 is a ****ing joke at the moment and should be squirming with embarrassment at itself...

It gets a 2 from me...
The last 8 laps were knocking on for a 10, unfortunately that was only about 15% of the race and so adds 1.5 out of 10 to the 1.5 earned by the first 40 odd laps - so on aggregate I'll give it 3.

Something has to be done to allow a race to take place rather than a spasmodic sprint!
I'm going to give this an 8. The tyre failures were a farce and I'm deducting two points for it, but apart from that I can't deny that the race was really exciting and I really enjoyed watching it. Silverstone is a circuit that really shows the best of F1 cars too, watching the direction changes through the fast corners is spectacular.
Breathless drama, wheel to wheel racing throughout. Loved it.

Not one for the purists, I accept, but don't care.

You couldn't have it every week, but because I have never seen anything like it and was glued to the telly from lights to flag it has to be a 10.
What a headache ... okay here goes ...
Red lights on for the race we've all been waiting for. The improved Merc's and Hamilton, Rosberg, Vettel and Webber are about to duke it out in a dry race on track where overtaking was possible even before the dodgy tyres and go faster aids = 10 points.

Lights out and great start for Hamilton and Vettel ... not so good from Rosberg and Webber ...

Some good battling in opening laps marred only by TV producer deciding to "erase" the whole of lap two to give us replays of the start - can't they frickln' wait?
Minus 1 = 9

Tyre failures begin ... quite exciting to watch but devastated the prospect of a straight fight for the win between Vettel and Hamilton. After all what do all of the fans want to see? A proper tooth and nail fight between the best and hopefully the guy one is rooting for coming out on top. No one with a sound mind and enough sense wants to see their guy keep winning due to the toss of a metaphorical coin.
Minus 1 point for each blow out victim and 1 point for victim Perez having had it in qualy as well - that's
Minus 5 = 4

Tyre failures continue with more debris flying around than in a hurricane in a gravel trap. Raikkonen survives a near miss that would have reminded folks of Massa and Hungary 2009 in a bad way. Alonso survives near miss that could have revived memories of
a flying Webber.
Minus 5 at least but Alonso split second reflex crash avoidance in mitigation!
Minus 5 = -1

Some stunning drives (particularly from those fighting back after their tyre woes) and in the face of imminent peril for the duration.
Plus 5 = 4

I did enjoy but in a gut wrenching and fearful way so ...
Plus 2 = 6 (in spite of everything that happened to make me pretty bloody angry)
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