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Perhaps a little robbed of a race between the Mercs whilst Bottas had little to do either. A lack of excitement after Rosberg retired but good racing through the field, particularly between Alonso and Vettel. Plus we had to wait an hour after Kimi's massive shunt. Good to hear he's OK though. 6
It was gripping and exciting but as Boyle mentioned we were robbed of the Grandstand finish which looked like a certain Hamilton win with the time he was gaining each lap. Fantastic racing down the field from Bottas and the Alonso Vettel ding dong was eventful throughout especially with the toys being launched from both prams! Has to be an 8 from me though.
A difficult one to gauge, not helped by the hour long hiatus.

An 8, purely for the mix up in driver standings and Jenson's near miss!
7. Great result for the championship but it's definitely more satisfying when you get a duel down to the wire.

Some good driving from Alonso and Vettel but I could have done with a little less radio chatter.
Well it served up all the ingredients.... jumbled grid, big crash (thank goodness no-one seriously hurt!), lots of overtaking (without the DRS too), varied strategies, unexpected retirements, local drivers doing well (except poor Max!), wheel to wheel from 2 Champions and of course a result that livens up the WDC no end.....Would have given it a 9 if Lewis had taken Nico before.the gearbox gremlins robbed us of that fun and games..... Roll on Germany!!!!!!!!!
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An entertaining race, gets an 8 from me (a podium for JB would've garnered a 9). Great driving from Alonso, Vettel, Bottas, Ricciardo and Jenson. Had to steer clear of t'internet after spending all day waiting for the TdF to pass my house, but well worth the wait!
Great race but robbed, as others have already said, of a fight between the two Mercs but I'm pleased for Lewis that the luck finally started to even out a bit. A word too for all the marshals and the barrier repair team for doing a great job. Heroes one and all.

An 8 from me.
9 - Lots of cars being out of position, which led to some interesting battles early on. And of course the exciting Alonso-Vettel fight, which wasn't immediately ruined by DRS, instead it went on for a dozen of laps. The only thing missing was the fight between the Mercs (I got the impression that Rosberg's gearbox was already failing before his pitstop), but I guess the championship battle compensates for that.
I went with a 7. Good for Lewis to cut the gap and keep things interesting, but Rosberg's retirement probably stopped it being a 9! Well done to both Kobayashi and Massa for not making Kimi's accident a whole lot worse. The fact that Kimi could even come back on and have the crash shows why gravel traps are better than tarmac run offs. If you have to have them, don't have gulleys that can launch the car.....

Great work by the course workers to fix the barrier, and please drivers stop dobbing each other in over "track limits" " givva de space" and all the other cack they come out with. It's the F1 equivalent of players / coaches waving the imaginary card towards the ref in football......
I gave it a 6 it just went to prove once again how dominant the Mercs are it's not their fault but it makes everything so boringly predictable..
Felt a bit robbed of the grandstand finish in the Formula Merc race at the front but enjoyed the great Vettel/Alonso fight. Remined me of Lewis/Alonso in 2009 when you've got two great drivers dueling who know the equiptment they are driving is never going to win. Radio messages were funny but racing was quality.

Good drive from Alonso by the way even if he took a slightly shorter route round Silverstone - he even cut the start down!

My boy Bottas is finally showing what we thought he had and had the class to remember to mention Massa in his 200th Grand Prix on the podium too.

I'm afraid the race gets a minus for me on the fact that fate didn't deliever a podium for Jenson for good old Papa Smurf. We still miss you John.

9. Would have been a 10 if we got to see Lewis, almost inevitably, beat Nico on circuit. However, being robbed of that gifted us back a close championship fight, with similar circumstances to those that previously robbed us of it. That and seeing BOtaSS kill the rest of the field with a supreme drive. Solid 9.
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