Poll Out of Ten - 2014 Russian Grand Prix

2014 Russian Grand Prix Out of Ten

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    Votes: 3 7.3%
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    Votes: 5 12.2%
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You can tell that F1 is completely shit when the joint CEOs of Dictators Unanimous can only be bothered to turn up for the last few laps!

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The circuit is promising but the race was dull and left me falling asleep for the last 10 laps or so. The two Mercedes cars were just ridiculously dominant today and the tyres were wrong. 4 out of 10.

I'll take races as dull as that for the rest of the year as long as Lewis wins the WDC though...
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4. What is Russian for Valencia? Too much field spread, too durable tyres, had Rosberg and Massa started in position, sod all would have happened.
Would of been a 2 but lewis won so a 3.

Really dull. Hopefully the tyres will be super soft for next year.
Pirrelli ****ed this up.
The DRS zones did not seem to make much difference either...overtakes seemed mostly to be due to wide corner entrances allowing two cars to fight over the places on the way in.

Given its a totally new track and its a street type circuit then its not fair to be too harsh but I am sure for next year they will look at tyre compounds, track limits and maybe adjust the DRS zones too
Would have been 4 but for the race ending at the second corner on the first lap, then there might have been a good fight between Button and Alonso ; that was spoilt by an unusually long pit stop for Ferrari. This could then have turned into a good scrap between Alonso and Ricciardo but with no variety in the corners there was not a single chance of an overtaking move.

There was for a short while the possibility of there not being a Mercedes 1-2 but it was quickly apparent that Rosberg had the speed and the tyres to make it to second.

The circuit is awful, there isn't even anything worthwhile looking at. The only upside was that it looked as though there was a good sized crowd who looked enthusiastic.

As a final moan Raikonnen was nearly pushed off the circuit on the first lap just as he was in a good position to fight for a higher place after a good qualifying show, having to lift ruined his race.
I think fuel saving (assuming there would be a safety car?) had a lot to do with this. 4 + 3 for the focus on Jules. Minus 2 for Bernie gobshiting over the minutes silence, plus 2 for Todt completely ignoring him.
Interesting spread of votes. Unusually I find myself at the opposite end of the general opinion. I thought it was ok as races go. Some good overtakes, a good recovery from Rosberg and a track that turned out to be not quite as Mickey Mouse as I first thought. Maybe a six would have been more appropriate but I went for a 7. The extra point was for it not being as bad as I expected.
6. Not exactly a classic. Lewis had the legs on Nico all weekend, so I'm not sure it would have been much different even if Rosberg hadn't laid down a smokescreen. More solid stuff from Bottas too.
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