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2013 Chinese Grand Prix out of ten

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I thought it was quite interesting, Fernando was great, watching the battle between Lewis and Kimi unfold was interesting, and wondering what the guys who started on the hard tyres were doing.

8 from me, I realy enjoyed that.
Well, big thumbs up for DRS from me, didn't cock the race up half as much as Pirelli

Having said that, great race ruined by DRS
I voted 7, it was enjoyable for the most part but I fell asleep a couple of times when it was boring and the tyres were just horrible.
I don't know, there was action but it was all created by crappy tyres and over powered DRS, and qualifying was a bit of a farce. It's a 6 or 7 I think.
I gave it 6. Some interesting moments but over all, I just didn't get in to it. Listening to Gary Anderson on 5 Live was very interesting with regards to team strategy. Vettels late charge helped to lift the race a bit but other than that, nothing great for the nuetral to get that chipper about.
Aus was 7, Mal was 5 .......... and this was no better than Malaysia, so another 5.

A farcical qualifying didn't help, and the 'excitement' at the end was so predictable
- opening few laps was OK, Ferrari tag-team ambush of Hamilton was a highlight
- most of the later overtaking was overly DRS-aided or new-tyre-aided
- some poor judgement causing accidents didn't help
- poor call by Red Bull not to give Vettel an extra couple of laps to fight back to possible 2nd place
The guys couldn't race because of the tyres they were alll driving to their own programme. The last lap was very exciting but not really because of the skill of the two drivers( though they were skilful) it was because of how the tyres played out. It's not really what I want to see. It's a 6 from me.
6, and that is being generous. I much preferred the old days when a single set of tyres would last an entire race. Mandatory pit stops and DRS are too contrived to keep me interested.
drivers being told not to fight and to just let drivers past.
drivers being easily overtaken because of drs or tyre wear.
and drivers just driving to delta,made this race average.
the only real excitement was the final few laps.but that was only because 1 driver was on fresh tyres,the other on bald tyres.
average 5/10
It's hard not to be happy as an Alonso fan today. I give it an 8. Some good action in the middle of the pack and a great Steve McQueen style chase scene between Vettel and Hamilton for the last 4 laps!
I gave it an 8.

It was a 'good' race within the modern perameters and constraints - railing against the modern way of doing things is pointless and detracts from one's enjoyment. Either you move with the times or give up supporting F1 all together - all this from a James Hunt and Graham Hill fan.
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