Out of Ten - 2013 Belgian Grand Prix

2013 Belgian Grand Prix out of ten

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Such a shame that there wasn't a battle for the lead - the winner was inevitable from Eau Rouge on the first lap.
A 6.
-1 for a vettel win. dont like him.
-1 for a really easy win 17 bloody seconds
-1 for PDR taken out no fault of his own
-1 for no rain after all the promises
-1 for mercs going backwards
-1 for DRS making overtaking a farce

Divide by the number you first thought of.

Had to give it a 3. Great opening lap from Vettel, Alonso , Hamilton and Button (along with several other drivers) all making the most of what they had today but other than that it was dull dull dull.

That being said, I'm most annoyed about the penalty. For Perez. Are we really now at the stage in F1 where we can't even have robust overtaking? How easy is it now for a driver to hold the outside line when being overtaken, run the car into a corner too deeply and then complain that you were pushed off? And it was against Grosjean of all people and someone who I felt was perhaps hard done by in Hungary.

So, the new rules when passing are, only in a straight line, not into a corner, you must drive the longest way around the car in front as possible and of course lets not forget bloody DRS. Rubbish !
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Exactly what CAT said for me.

On the plus side there were three different teams on the podium. The finishing order was different to the start. Storming drive by Alonso. AND the stewards made the decisions in the race - however dubious.

I only wish Button hadn't pitted again, was looking forward to a 3rd place british battle.

A six from me.
I was obviously watching a different race. I really enjoyed it. 8

Obviously I'm in a minority here but I thought Perez left less than half a car's width (to the white line). Romain had nowhere to go. Completely unnecessary by Sergio because he was clearly ahead.
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I lost interest very early, and that is very hard for me to do when an F1 race is on (I watched the full Bahrain 2010 GP along with Indianoplis 2005).

The difference in set up, and the weather affected qualifying ruined what could have been a promising right.

Only saving grace was Raikkonen, Guitterez, Maldonado and both Force India's provinding a little entertainment.

Gave it a 4.
I gave it an 8, Alonso had a good fight through the feild, and there was constant passing in the midfeild. A shame the race fell flat after the second stops, and the battle for the lead was one-sided.
2. A dominate Vettel/Red Bull victory and no real battle for the front, a race that promised much after yesterday's qualifying but ended up as a bitter disappointment .
The most disappointing thing being that Spa usually produces a great race, and what the hell were they thinking with the positioning of the DRS dectection zone putting it just before a common overtaking place? drivers were able to pass just after it and then use the crap DRS to pull away from the car they'd just passed.

I thought DRS was supposed to be an overtaking tool. not a, break the tow tool....
For me, Spa seems more ordinary every year. With the tremendous grip of the modern F1 car, it appears, and sounds, as though even Eau Rouge can be taken flat out. What is the challenge in that?

IMHO, the only way to restore Spa and indeed, F1 as a whole, to its former glory is to dramatically reduce downforce. They could start by reducing the width of the front wings so the endplates (along with any appendages attached thereto) cannot extend beyond the inner wall of the tyre (when the tyres are pointed straight ahead). Not only would this greatly reduce overall downforce, because the rest of the car would have to be altered to compensate for the loss of front grip, but would, at least to me, vastly improve the looks of the cars.

This reduction in grip would also make the driver a greater part of the equation than is he now, and I see nothing wrong with that!
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