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2012 Belgian Grand Prix out of ten

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I thought it was thoroughly entertaining - particularly with the three slower teams dicing it out.
7 from me - the result was a foregone conclusion after the first corner incident but there were moments of excitement and a brilliant drive by Button.
7 from me - lost the edge a bit with Hamilton and Alonso gone - but the rest did their best to make up for it :D
7- still exciting but the real animators of the race all got taken out in the first corner. Hamilton and Kobayashi are the great overtakers, Alonso always drives the wheels off of it, Maldonado always brings some excitement whether its good or bad, same can be said for Grosjean but not to the same degree.
8 for me, despite Button running away with it, it was a very enjoyable race, particularly the battle for third and a decent amount of overtaking
7 - I really enjoyed it, but would have enjoyed it more if the DRS wasn't there.

Alonso would probably give it a -100 for his brown-trousers time.
Agree....plus for me, to see the Saubers in such a good qualifying position........swiped away .....only Kobi left & finished 13th.
it's a 0 from me too
Plus the usual Hamilton commentary BBC Bias " Hamilton's contact..oh & he's hit the Lotus"
Coulthard "Lewis Hamilton went over to Romain Grosjean, looks like he was trying to apportion some blame"

IMO if Alonso had not been involved it would have been... just a racing incident....Especially when they couldn't blame it on .......
Well, he DID hit the Lotus once they had touched wheels and Lewis' front suspension was broken, so factually Coulthard was correct if that is what he said. Also, Coulthard is a dick, so who cares what he said, thirdly, I watched the Sky feed, so didn't have to listen to him and can't even remember exactly what was said, but rewound it straight away and saw that it was Grojeans fault straight away.

Bit harsh giving it a 0 just because your favourite driver is out in a first corner incident. The race itself was great with some good overtaking and moves, I even changed some of my opinion on Vettel due to this race and the fact that he has finally learned to overtake without crashing into the person he's trying to overtake (although he was tempted a couple of times during the race with a little jink mid chicane towards the person he was overtaking).

i thought you watched F1 for the racing Brogan - not just for 1 or 2 drivers?
I do.

It's not a real race with half the title contenders missing.

Hamilton is far from my favourite driver, if that's what you're implying.
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