Old Autosport snippets


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We knocked down half of our house a few weeks ago which meant that I had to move the big pile of Runner's World, Cycle Sport and Autosport magazines from the top of the cistern in the smallest room. When we were growing up, my brother and I got Autosport most weeks - he gave away (or skipped, I can't remember...) loads of them about 20 years ago when we left home. But I've found a few gems from the mid-90s...

Alanis Morissette was apparently inspired to write 'Ironic' by Autosport's cover of their 28/4/94 edition.

All of that issue is full of intriguing language about the pressure Senna was under, which feels quite uncomfortable in hindsight

There's a familiar-looking chap taking an old car for a spin in one of the issues....

And of course, the classifieds are very interesting... Fancy an ex-Jackie Stewart 1966 Matra MS9-01? Yours for 490,000 Deutschmarks!
Or, if you've got an interesting boat to part-exchange, this:
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