FIA Official July 17, 18, 19 Silverstone Test thread


As more teams finalize their plans for the upcoming Silverstone test, we'll need a thread to keep track of all the participants.

Here's who we have so far.

Toro Rosso - Johnny Cecotto (Wednesday), Sainz/Ricciardo (Thurs.), and Vergne/Daniil Kyvat (Friday)
Ferrari - Davide Rigon (W/T/F) and Massa (Friday Morning)
Caterham - Alexander Rossi (Wed.), Will Stevens (Thurs.), Van der Garde and Pic (Friday)
Sauber - Robin Frijns (Wed, Thur. Morning), Hulkenberg (Thur. Afternoon), and Kimiya Sato (Friday)
Marussia - Tio Elinas (Wed. Morning), Chilton (Wed. Afternoon), Rodolfo Gonzalez (Thurs. and Friday Morning), and Bianchi (Friday Afternoon)
Williams - Daniel Juncadella (Wed.), Maldonado (Thurs.) Susie Wolff (Friday)
Lotus - Nicolas Prost (Wed. and Friday), and Davide Valsecchi (Thurs.)
Red Bull - Antonio Felix da Costa (Wed. and Thur. Morning), Ricciardo (Thurs. Afternoon), Carlos Sainz (Friday Morning), and Vettel (Friday Afternoon)
McLaren - Kevin Magnussen (Wed.), Turvey (Thur.), and Paffett (Friday)
FI - James Calado (Wed. Morning), di Resta (Wed. Afternoon), and Sutil

Please post your links that indicate who else will be taking part.
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I won't be surprised if she averages slower times than the Marussia's or Caterhams. Not because she is a woman but because she is slow and has no place in the top tier of motorsport.
I believe Sainz Jr might get some time in the Red Bull and Valsecchi in the Enstone car.

As young stars go its hardly bursting with talent right now. Elinas has caught the eye in GP3 this year and Da Costa and Frinjs can have there moments.

Preying the Mclaren give track time to Van Dorne and Magunesen their young drivers who are streaking away with the World Series championship right now.

Also beem suggested that Bird and Conor Daly might get a run in the Force India.
Glad to see that Susie is getting a run out and I hope she makes the must of her opportunity and proves doubters wrong.

Also great news if Sam BIrd is been lined up for a test with FI :). Deserves a chance to show his talent off :).
So Susie Wolff and DTM's Daniel Juncadella are in for Williams at the YDT. Hardly excited by either.

Interesting Juncadella is a Merc driver and we all know Susie Wolffs connections. Add to the fact Bottas manager is Toto and Williams will be Merc powered next year it become clear which side their bread is buttered.
Ok ok ok. About to blow my top with Mclaren for two reason.

Firstly once again they don't see the advantage of running their race drivers (despite every team running at least one).

Secondly where oh where is Stoppel Vandoorne!?! If ya gonna run Kevin Magnursen then why the hell are you not running the other Mclaren youth programme driver, Magnersen's team-mate in the 3.5 series and current 3.5 series championship leader Vandoorne!

Its neither one thing or the other. You either use the test for its purpose, young drivers, and shove in your actual potential drivers or you run your race drivers to develop. Turvey and bloody Parfeet are just slap bang in the middle.

Well I'm sure their simulator will be the best in the business. Decision has been made in that underground bunker control centre thats cut off from the rest of the world yet again.

*goes off to send more abuse to Ron Dennis via strongly worded letter*
You can also argue that Paffett is one of the most experienced test drivers in F1 at the moment if not ever as long as simulator time is included. His experience with the car will be invaluable to McLaren, what they do with the data seems to baffle us all though.
If I recall, similar criticism was levelled at McLaren after not running the race drivers at the within day test last season, and they came out of it with a car which (Lewis at least) was able to stick on Pole, after the updated nose.

Running the two guys who spend most of the time in the sim has to be of benefit, maybe not this season, however, I am not sure there is much left to fight for this season, but hopefully it can have a benefit to next years car.
Look I don't care what the boffins say I do not believe with the limited track time they have that Mclaren letting their drivers have a day running the car won't be a benifit to them in understanding how to drive the car better.

Think about. When you buy a car although the basics are the same everything feels different and reacts different. After lots of time driving it becomes second nature too you.
I might agree with you if they were in the championship fight, or in a position to develop a racewinning car, however, they are not, so it makes sense to do what is best for the development of the 2014 car. I will confess however, that I do not know what this is, but I assume.

Red Bull are also not bringing race drivers, nor are Marussia

Personally, I think McLaren are in a unique position with Gary Paffett and Oliver Turvey, as these two have had a significant mileage in the F1 car and sim, and are still allowed to test, which means they must gain a unique insight in to the car, which can only help in the correlation and sim work.
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