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the main changes seem to be the removal of the turn 9 chicane. black is 2019 & yellow is 2021
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Why have we got the 2020 QPR up ? I’m very confused.

it was major news about albert park & thought it was the best place for it, as 2021 thread wont be until mid november

but this the weirdest thread of the lot, as it the race that never was


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fasinating to see what they done & Riccardo comments. Australia are really going 100% on this

A bunch of us drivers were consulted on the changes and I was happy about that, We were allowed to give our thoughts & input. Not all drivers will be aligned of course, but 1 thing we can agree on is we want to make Sundays, race day, better

I had that in mind when I had my input. Widening some of the apexes, creating more of a straight in some places to allow for an opportunity for more slipstreaming… that was the priority, and I’m very confident it’s going to be good.

But changing some of the apexes and creating some more room, allowing more chance to make a diving overtake, or even change your line to get out of the dirty air, I think it’ll really help

Removing Turns 9 & 10 is a compromise, Turn 10 was always pretty challenging because you’d be exiting close to the wall. but the last couple of years, the cars are so good now that the traction out of 10 is pretty easy & the wall wasn’t really a threat anymore. The car didn’t run out there as aggressively as it used to.

“So removing that chicane, you’re now going to have a massive tow out of Turn 6, which is going to be good with the additional DRS zone.”
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as you can see from the pictures they have really gone for it. because its forgettable that this is normal commuting roads for Melbourne public 49 weeks of the year



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I think they’re making turn 1 easier and their expectation of increasing overtakes in 13 will be unmet.
Yes, they are “going for it”, but their management of these public roads will not be difficult as you will know if you’ve ever been there.
It’s only a good circuit for small periods of the race...opening 5 laps, safety car restarts and pit-stop “windows”. It’ll never be a classic.


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I hope they don't make it too easy by putting the DRS in the wrong place -- the blast from turn 6 down to turn 9/10 means anyone with engine power deficit will be swallowed up

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Sadly, but possibly inevitably, the Australian GP has been cancelled (again).

Given that Malaysia has a fantastic F1 circuit, and is still allowing access to the country, maybe F1 should look to hold a race at Sepang on the 21st November…


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got to say im really surprised at this news this is 1 of races that i was certain that would go ahead. it doesnt bode well as leaves a gaping hole when we inevitably cancel brazilian GP. F1 is really running out of options for races, because cant go to europe, & it might have to be malaysia or bahrain outer or maybe even both

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If you have never heard this before, get a coffee, take a seat, listen and enjoy.



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There's a range of despotic regimes that haven't been approached yet.

Myanmar could do with some positive press in the wake of the military coup.

North Korea and Iran must also be in with a shout.
They could also go to wannabe despots and do a Stop the Steal Grand Prix at Mar A Lago
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