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This would never have happened if Diana was alive! I bet it has an effect on house prices and is probably an after effect from all this Eastern European immigrants coming over here.


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97 year old man uninjured in car crash. The police will take any appropriate action necessary. His wife was not in the car at the time, it was reported that she is never in the car when he is driving nowadays.

I may never be seen again.


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i wanted to chat about rita ora thing but formula e thread isnt the place. RasputinLives

in that i don't get the fuss hes 18/19 shes mid/late 20s & shes very attractive (in my opinion ;)) . im not surprised that he "pursued" her.


Ah! Close to home that one FB. The headline is non-news, but the broader issue isn't. I have a lot of sympathy for our head teachers.


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It's even worse over here.

Parents literally subsidise schooling - we personally donate hundreds of $ to our daughter's school as well as purchasing all of her own supplies (paper, pencils, etc.) and supplies for the classroom, games, toys, gift cards and money for teachers (who are woefully underpaid), etc.

Still, at least when they do finish school they can get a job in the well funded military ...


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I agree Grizzly, the issue is very important is just such a shame they chose such a silly example to try and highlight the problem. Those in senior positions often have to do the mundane tasks when there are issues within a business. Also, the state of our education system is probably not as bad as it's painted but there isn't a system to take money from the schools running a surplus and give it to those in deficit since they "privatised" the system and got rid of the LEA's.

As Brogan points out, we could be in a much worse place although it could be a lot better but no one will pay for it.


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Yeah, my parents paid for my education, too.
On another note, I once spent some time with a lady who could've been a head teacher. Interesting evening.


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i reading an article that was quite interesting about 30 things id learnt before turn 30 most quite informative & i saw this sun front page


i didn't get the sensationalist headline albeit i had read her explanation before the suns lies i thought it was pretty sensible “I carry QuikClot army grade bandage dressing, which is for gunshot or stab wounds,” which made complete sense as she worried about stalkers because media always posting her address. & im assuming considering Americas are worse for gun control. it something more Americans should do

edit - only just seen the irony the front page. tried to make 1 feel bad for some very sensible advice to someone who has died & wishes they had carried some with them
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The world, as run by humans, is a pile of crap really.

I wonder if the dinosaurs hadn’t been wiped out and had managed to evolve what our planet would look like now.

Large lumps of random space rock have a lot to answer for.


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I think before In sympathise with head teachers where the money goes, education standard of school leavers doesn't seem to be that great, it can be seen in most forums and comments posts in the media that English appears not to be an the same language I was taught. Many posts I read I need to read again to understand what the gist is, what with "past" instead of "passed", and "your" instead of "you're" plus a few others, is it predictive text, poor education or just plain ( not plane:ermmm: ) common laziness?
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