In the news today there is a 52% chance that Kate and Andy's sprogg will have red hair.

This concerned citizen is very surprised to hear this as both parents have to have the ginger gene to produce a ginger child and considering only 4% of the UK is ginger the figure of 52% seems rather high, unless the author of the article knows something we don't.....


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Contributor quotes Bernie as saying that Nurburgring doesn't have enough money to host the German GP this year.

When has money ever entered into one of Bernie's decisions?


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I have to admit to being gob smacked at the fuss being made about this. I've eaten horse, it was very tasty. In fact better than many steaks I have had but everyone is rushing about going "Is there a health risk? Is there a health risk?" Only from the cholesterol clogging up you arteries from the crap beefburgers you're buying you tight bastards.


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Dried/spicy sausage in Italy is traditionally made from horse/donkey.

I've eaten horse, bear, alligator, snake and a few other things which aren't generally available/eaten in the UK.


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Water Buffalo and elk aren't bad, either. And probably safer than beef here in the U.S.. In the States, it is rumoured that they give beef and poultry growth hormones to get them to marketable size sooner. The evidence of this being correct is found in the rather great increase in height (not to mention girth) of Americans in one generation.


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Local Sausage shop, which I believe to be the best sausage shop in London sells Kangaroo sausage amongst many other flavours. In fact, if you bring your own meat in (careful) they will make a sausage of it.
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