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They've already started with the odds on the sex and the Metro newspaper today had computer generated mock-ups of what it might look like when it's 10.




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As a women, I would like to think that there was a tad more compassion and a little less publicity. Too early to say that 'it' is definitely a new life and heir to the throne - non news perhaps, but not to the two people involved!


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Nothing like a little snow flurry to get the media all up in arms.

Also, have you ever noticed how the news pundits are always looking forward to the weather changing. They moan and grown about warm weather (which is what Arkansas is going through right now) and say how December should be cold, however when it does turn cold the first thing out of their mouths will be "How much longer till Spring Ned?" (Ned being the local meteorologist).


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According to the BBC news yesterday the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with be spending Christmas day at the Middleton's house. Bet that's a weight off everyone's now we know that.
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