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Im with Boris. Good on ya Harry. 20 girls in his room playing strip billiards, brilliant. Hope he got his end away.


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My local paper is full of non news every week however one of the editors/journalists is called Dick Bellringer, which always makes me chuckle, yes I have a puerile mind.


That looks like a Barn swallow to me Jen and is the most common of all swallows if it were a Cliff swallow then I'd deem it worthy of being reported but what's with all the tears? cats kill them every day and when you find the remains you just bung it in the bin,


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I'm guessing the squirrel didn't survive... :D

"I saw it run into the road but couldn't do anything about it and it just hit my wheel and stuck in my wheel and hit my brakes.
I thought I would add a really stupid news headline that I found I know it's old but still....

and Brogan and gethinceri Yes, it was satirical and, yes, it was Private Eye.
I have that issue somewhere, I remember chucking about it at the time.
I think ? it was somewhere about the10th anniversary of her death when all the press were doing retrospectives, but I can't be sure without looking through hundreds of back issues I own.
Apart from the "Exclusive to all newspapers" header, the absolute dead giveaway is the "cont. p.94" which is the Private Eye trademark way of ending a joke once they've delivered the punchline.
Just goes to show that you need to become famous is a complete lack of self respect, a talentless life of emptiness of Himalayan proportions, a cheap gimmick, and an expensive publicist armed with a ready-prepared supply of candid shots of one's genitals, to leak peridically on slack PR days and about which one can get suitably "shocked and violated" to the nearest lazy mass-circulation "journalist".

All in all it's not setting the bar very high.


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Kate Middleton pregnant

Kate in hospital

Kate in hospital for second day

William visits Kate in hospital

That's just since yesterday.

I don't think I can take another six months of the BBC fawning over this crap.


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Brogan just you wait till it is born, the papers will be coming out with special editions and there will be daily updates on the feeding, nappy content etc. Though this is just like all other parents just in the national press rather than rammed down your throat every time you talk :p
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