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With due acknowledgement to Seven Day Sunday, what non-News stories have you seen in the press or on websites recently? I'll kick you off with "Winter is cold" from the BBC

Well bugger me, never would have expected that...
Should this be limited to paid-for national newspapers and the internet?
There are so many non-news items in local papers, and free papers, that this could become the largest thread on the forum unless we all moderate ourselves to stuff that's got something like a national audience?


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Don't know if this is just limited to North West Tonight but the local news half hour in the north west almost has no news on it whatsoever and it's more of a gossip show than an actual news one, and the anchor is a bloody southerner! :givemestrength:


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Queen addresses Sein Fain in the Irish tongue..

News at ten stuff that.

No she ****ing didn't she read a couple of Irish words off of a card and she was pretty piss poor at doing that, to boot...


****ing ridiculous.

Err, make that two. I don't know and don't care.
That has got to be the most pathetic slight on any person ever in the history of trying to make someone look bad.

Who the **** wrote that shit...?

No don't bother telling me because I can't be arsed to know....
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