New moon around Neptune


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It never ceases to amaze me that in this day and age we are still finding new things in our own solar system. In terms of distances finding a new moon around Neputune is a bit like noticing a new car on a drive a few streets away from where you live.

At just 20km across it's a bit like a large rock than a moon but it has a regular 23 hour orbit.

I wonder how much more undiscovered stuff there is to be found in our own backyard ??
So how small does a rock have to be before its not a moon?

When I bared my arse out of the car window, as the car I was in drove past a minibus full of Women rugby players on our way to a stag weekend in Blackpool*, it was called a moon. And my arse was about a foot and a half across**, if that helps you any...:dunno:

* It was about 10 years ago. The Women rugby players responded by overtaking our car, baring their breasts. :D
** I'm not sure on the exact measurements.. :unsure:
Whilst earth does only have one moon it also has what are known as quasi satellites the largest of which is called Cruithne due to it's orbit in relation to earth it is always in view if you know where to look.

Cruithne's orbit relative to earths is shown in the diagram below.


From earths point of view Cruithne's orbit looks like this (Below.) and could be mistaken for a second moon.


Off topic slightly I know but quite interesting I think...
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I wonder how much more undiscovered stuff there is to be found in our own backyard ??


...or indeed under our own feet for that matter.

What's perhaps even more incredible is the fact that we probably know a lot more about the features of some extra-solar planets than we do about the inner core of our very own planet.
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