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For a while now I have been studying the Members page and it concerns me that although this site gets new members almost on a daily basis hardly any of them actually post.

This started me thinking, is there anything we can do to encourage people who sign up to become regular posters, maybe a link to an introduce yourself thread or a welcome thread, what do you think could be done?
Unfortunately we've been thinking about that for years now, most people just tend to log in to view the overtaking stats, I don't think there's much we can do to change that really
My Grandfather used to say, in a strong and stern Polish accent: "It is no good to think, you must do". :)

I'm with Mephistopheles on this. I think it would be a great idea to have a welcome message to a new user's inbox pointing them to key areas of the site. For the discussion forums a link could be accompanied with a description along the lines of such: "We always welcome new members contributing to discussion on the forum and think you will find the community friendly and accommodating. If you are thinking about participating in the discussions, quizzes and competitions then why not pop over to the Welcome thread and say hi."
The software doesn't include any automated functions for that sort of thing, so it's not possible.

As MCLS said, 99% of them only care about the overtaking data and have no interest in joining in the discussions.
Not least of all because a lot of them probably don't speak English (based on email & IP) and undoubtedly already participate in forums in their own languages.

Forums are funny things - members tend to be very loyal and once they find a forum they like, trying to get them to post elsewhere is extremely difficult.

Edit: I should add that I used to send a manual PM in the early days. It made no difference.
Nobody tore me away from 606 I bloody well ran as fast as I could.....
I still miss 606. I used to love the loonies that posted on there for their entertainment value. It was a window into another world that exists outside of what is acceptable here. I always felt like it was a place where I could hug a hoodie.
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