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Proton Lotus have published this picture of their wind tunnel model for next seasons car.

Strange how all the new "challengers" have taken a long hard look at the Brawn and gone "Yup, that'll do me".


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Well it's the right colour to start with. Add a little gold and we will be sorted.

As for teams using the Brawn as a baseline, I think that's only natural. Remember that these teams are the first new start up teams since Toyota and they had a full year of testing and running a development programme with Mika Salo and Alan McNish before they ever turned a wheel in anger. These teams have got to be up and running in less than 6 months.
Perhaps a return to Camel yellow might be more appropriate given that this is the national racing colours of Malaysia...

Nice cross thread link up there :thumbsup: :D

It's hard to say how the finished article will look.
That looks like a basic mock up made out of plywood to me.

As has been discussed many times on here though, the design rules are so strict these days, it's no surprise we end up with identi-kit cars.
I wish them well and hopefully they will upset a few of the 'regular' teams.

Shame Lotus isn't still a British company, but then these days what is!

the design rules are so strict these days, it's no surprise we end up with identi-kit cars.

I agree. :thumbsup:
camel yellow... just when i had that colour blocked out of my mind and stored it in parts not to be revisited ever again.

its only the first wind tunnel model i suppose. you have to start somewhere. would not be surprised if the final car will look totally different.

thats another point: we all use computers, wind tunnels and whatever... and guess what! we all get the same results :) so cars look the same for a simple reason really.
According to the BBC, Lotus are targeting mid-February as a launch date.

The provisional 2010 calendar has the first race pencilled in for 12-14 March at Bahrain so that barely gives them 4 weeks to do any testing.

Just how far off the pace are they going to be at the first race?
At least Toro Rosso will be pleased, they will no longer have exclusive rights to the back marker role.
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