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There is no reason for the team to give him a drive if they want someone else, they just have to pay him as a driver, whether that is higher than a pay off we will find out, no reason why doing a Kimi if his F1 career is defunct would harm him.


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To get Honda further committed to Red Bull/ Toro Rosso I think they will find ways to get Matsushita in one of the cars either through seat share or full time drive


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OK. Well FIA just made a big deal about re-doing the points system for a super licence so it will be interesting to see how the spin it if it does happen.

Matsushita is worse than Kvyat by the way.


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RasputinLives I agree but it seems if Red Bull or Toro Rosso wants Honda's commitment then putting a Japanese driver is good PR but also might make Honda do a better job

It was the same when Tyrell and Lotus had Nakajima . The only decent Honda driver was Sato
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