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And welcome one and all to a new season of Formula One racing. The SKY is bright blue and there is not a cloud in it as we look forward to another season of action packed racing.

For only the second year in Formula One history, the races are being televised live on television. This inovative feature only began in 2012 but it has come on in giant steps and apparently has now become the number one way for people to watch our wonderful sport.

F1 is for everyone, from those who love the Nissan SKYline to those who remember when SKY was in Neigbours. It dosn't matter if you think it's all pie in the SKY. For each race throughout the season there will be post race analysis provided by our ex-F1 driver and motoring correspondent Barty Mundle. Barty spent many years racing in F1 before he stepping away from the sport. We have coaxed him back into the comm box to bring his knowledge and wit to the mic.

As you all know, MotorFAuto1SportRacing Magazine has been running in the shops for almost twice as long as the longest running TV programme (the SKY at night) and we are proud to have kept the flame burning in our pages while no TV company could be bothered to show the sport live. We are now fully partnered with the wonderful, amazing, superb, great value, HD, non-profit making and enviromentally green TV company that brings us such great TV pictures week in week out.

We would also like to welcome our new guest editor who will have the best interests of our publication at his heart. Rupert will be appearing in these pages very soon to share his blue SKY thinking on how to develop the PR side of the sport.

So for now, we wait in anticipation for the start of the new season under that southern SKY in Australia. I hope you look forward to the post race report.

Deputy Editor in chief.

Well, phew, what can we say, but welcome to the first in season edition of MotorFauto1sportracing magazine. Here are the thoughts of our Sky high reporter and ex-F1 driver Mr Barty Mundle on the action we've seen so far.

Malaysia Air Flight MA123

Barty Mundle reporting in the SKY over Asia as I catch a connecting flight ready to join up with our TV crews to set up for our next race in China. Well what can we say about what we've seen so far in our award winning coverage in HD available to our loyal F1 fans who understand what it takes to provide such great coverage week in week out and don't mind contributing a little towards such fantastic coverage? Well it's been a brilliant opening two rounds. The rain fell from the SKY and nearly put a dampener on qualifying in Australia but the Iceman rose above it all to take the win. Is the SKY the limit for Lotus this season? The way those black and gold cars glint in the evening sunlight as the sun sets in the SKY over Albert park looked all the more beautiful in HD. If you haven't seen it your really are missing out on something. Why the BBC never thought of getting the rights to F1 is beyond me, and ITV for that matter.

Moving on to Malaysia and the great band wagon of trucks that move all our TV gear from one country to another made the short hope north ready to bring you the world class coverage you've come to expect. I was privileged to be able to interview the drivers behind the podium after the main ceremony and gained a fascinating insight into what it takes to win a race. Here now is my exclusive interview with the top three:

Barty: So Seb, which channel do you normally choose to watch award winning TV coverage of Motorsport?
Seb: Who are you?
Mark: Do you own standard set top box or do you subscribe to our plus facility?
Mark: Listen mate, I've just been shafted by my team mate, I don't want to talk about set top boxes
Lewis: Why are you writing a column for the BBC when they don't have any rights to cover the sport on TV?
Lewis: Sorry, I've got to give an interview

So there you have it. MotorFauto1sportracing is first with all the news and action.

Thank you Barty for that insight and I'm sure as the season develops we will continue to get Barty's fresh coverage of all that makes the news in F1.

An editorial note for our readers. Because of the way this website brings you all the important facts on F1 we know that you as readers really want to see the very best we can offer. Having canvassed our readership we found that you voted by an incredible margin of 5 for and 0 against (that's 100%) in favor of introducing a limit of 30 seconds viewing a week of our pages. You can of course subscribe to our premier service for 100 pounds a week and view all of our pages. We thank you for your continued support.

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