Moment of the Year


I know these sort of things have been done to death over various media outlets, but seeing as the motorsport season is practically over, I thought it would be nice to collect our moments if the year - not just F1, but any other motorsport also. They can be dramatic, happy, sad or even boring.

Mine: I suspect this will be repeated over and over, but a moment from F1 - the last lap of the Canadian Grand Prix for its sheer drama and emotion in both garages.
...or Hamilton driving into Button in Canada (depending on your perspective ;)) Seeing as I missed the race I've never really properly analyised the incident.
My moment of the year was Alonso winning the British GP. Despite loathing the man, it was a win that Ferrari and him, himself needed and for the sport in general. A season without a Ferrari win is just un-heard of and for them to win only one race this season is sad from their point of view.
Sebastien Buemi coming from 18th to finish 8th in the Hungarian Grand Prix, and Kimi Raikkonen returning to F1 :).

Forget Ferrari winning a race this season, the above two is exactly what the sport needed. :D
I'm going to give an F1 moment with a nod to JR Hildebrand and the late Dan Wheldon in a ridiculous race finish at the Indy 500 and to Alan McNish's survival at Le Mans.

For me, take your pick from one of Lewis Hamilton's overtaking moves to win the Chinese Grand Prix. Preferably the one on Vettel for the lead.
I nearly forgot, Stoner and Spies dead heat, and F1 terms, has to be my favourite race of the season Hamilton in China, also special mention for the nurburgring, great race
The first F1 race I have ever attended. Specifically, the first time I saw and heard an F1 car as they lined up for practice starts out of the pit lane in Saturday practice at Spa. No moment in Motorsport will surpass that for me, this year.
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