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Mercedes GP

FIA Entry: Mercedes GP Petronas F1 Team
Car 7: Michael Schumacher
Car 8: Nico Rosberg
Engine: Mercedes V8
Team Principal: Ross Brawn
Technical Director: Bob Bell
Race Engineer Car 7: Mark Slade
Race Engineer Car 8: Tony Ross

Stats as of end 2010

First Entered 2010
Races Entered 19
Race Wins 0
Pole Positions 0
Fastest Laps 0
Driver World Championships 0
Constructor World Championships 0

Team History

The Mercedes team history splits into two parts. In 1954 the famous pre-war Silver Arrows entered the F1 world championship and recorded a 1-2 at their first race. Fangio went on to win the drivers championship that year and again in 1955. Mercedes withdrew at the end of the 1955 season after the accident which killed 80 spectators at Le Mans which involved one of their cars.

The current team entered F1 in 2010 after Mercedes bought Brawn Grand Prix. Brawn Grand Prix, winners of the Drivers Championship, with Jenson Button, and the constructor’s championship in 2009, grew out of the ashes of Honda’s F1 entry after Honda had withdrawn from F1 at the end of the 2008 season after only a single Grand Prix win for Button in Hungary 2006.

Prior to the Honda takeover in 2006 the team had raced under the name of British America racing which had acquired the assets and race entry of the Tyrrell F1 team in 1999. BAR competed in 118 races without a single victory. The high points for the team were 2 pole positions (both for Button – San Marino 2004 and Canada 2005) and 2nd in the constructors championship in 2004.

Tyrrell were amongst the most successful private F1 teams taking part in 463 Grands Prix, scoring 33 victories and 3 Drivers Championships, all with Jackie Stewart.


Having replaced Button and Barrichello with Nico Rosberg and 7 times WDC Michael Schumacher many expected great things of the new Mercedes team in 2010 but they had an indifferent season.

Rosberg managed 3 podiums for the team but Schumacher, coming back from retirement, struggled with the new cars, tyres and limited testing under the revised regulations. The team finished 4th in the Constructors Championship.


For 2011 Mercedes retain the same driver line up and are hoping for better things from their MGP W02 chassis.


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Dallara have far bigger projects than making Haas chassis. They supply cars to entire series. I think we might be looking at it with our F1 blinkers on.


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Credit them with spending $700 million on engine development, backed up by $400+ a year for their team. Did they earn six championships or did they buy them?


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Don't forget how limited the teams were in engine development, virtually guaranteeing Mercedes dominance as long as the formula lasted.


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I put on the main thread, but its right for here. this is only from 2017 because 2014 to 2016 because that was obviously the clear advantage, especially when you think that dreadful Williams aero was made competitive

but since then in 2017, Japanese gp is last 3 years in a nutshell, as a lot say they have the best car. but them & Ferrari are closer matched but what they do is maximise what they have rarely make mistakes & why germany was so huge in Mercedes as it never happened, Ferrari make too many errors, they could won in 2017 title could've won 2018 title, could've won 9 grand prix this season including every race since the summer break, but actually only ended won 3 instead of 180 point gap it could should be 50/70. case in point yesterday you would rarely if ever see Mercedes lock out the front row no reliability issues & Ferrari finish 1st & 3rd very nearly 1-2. wouldn't happen


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In summary: Ferrari lack leadership.

It's what they had from 1996 to 2008 which to date was there most successful spell in F1 handing them 8 constructor titles and 6 driver titles. Nowadays it's chaos which started with the arrival of Alonso. Funnily enough McLaren was in a mess during Alonso's spell there both times and got there act together after he left. Coincidence?


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Not in my opinion no. Fernando was a good driver but seemed to want the whole team to focus on him which meant sometimes they didn't build in the right places. Just my opinion of course.


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this is pretty massive news & terrible news for force india :facepalm: (edit) racing point, if Lawrence Stroll is leaving. but the rumours have been around as why Hamilton might be off to ferrari & Mercedes without lauda thinking the only way is down as they cant do any better

but will also be bad times as there will be a lot of job losses at factory. but then every fan has known for years that the budgets are unsustainable & maybe in 2021 it might have happened anyway when the top 3 budgets will get slashed by 50%
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Confirmed then.

it would make sense. because i was discussing today if Mercedes did leave 2021 before the budget cap they would avoid the bad PR. because they are going to be big job losses on the factory side when you have to shed $200m off your budget to get under $175m cap & a management buyout gives great excuse to dodge that bullet

there is no smoke without fire about Hamilton


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Mercedes have come out and strongly denied they are leaving F1 and selling the team to Stroll

So how early do we expect them to announce the sale going through now they feel the need to deny it? I'm going by March next year
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