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Mercedes GP

FIA Entry: Mercedes GP Petronas F1 Team
Car 7: Michael Schumacher
Car 8: Nico Rosberg
Engine: Mercedes V8
Team Principal: Ross Brawn
Technical Director: Bob Bell
Race Engineer Car 7: Mark Slade
Race Engineer Car 8: Tony Ross

Stats as of end 2010

First Entered 2010
Races Entered 19
Race Wins 0
Pole Positions 0
Fastest Laps 0
Driver World Championships 0
Constructor World Championships 0

Team History

The Mercedes team history splits into two parts. In 1954 the famous pre-war Silver Arrows entered the F1 world championship and recorded a 1-2 at their first race. Fangio went on to win the drivers championship that year and again in 1955. Mercedes withdrew at the end of the 1955 season after the accident which killed 80 spectators at Le Mans which involved one of their cars.

The current team entered F1 in 2010 after Mercedes bought Brawn Grand Prix. Brawn Grand Prix, winners of the Drivers Championship, with Jenson Button, and the constructor’s championship in 2009, grew out of the ashes of Honda’s F1 entry after Honda had withdrawn from F1 at the end of the 2008 season after only a single Grand Prix win for Button in Hungary 2006.

Prior to the Honda takeover in 2006 the team had raced under the name of British America racing which had acquired the assets and race entry of the Tyrrell F1 team in 1999. BAR competed in 118 races without a single victory. The high points for the team were 2 pole positions (both for Button – San Marino 2004 and Canada 2005) and 2nd in the constructors championship in 2004.

Tyrrell were amongst the most successful private F1 teams taking part in 463 Grands Prix, scoring 33 victories and 3 Drivers Championships, all with Jackie Stewart.


Having replaced Button and Barrichello with Nico Rosberg and 7 times WDC Michael Schumacher many expected great things of the new Mercedes team in 2010 but they had an indifferent season.

Rosberg managed 3 podiums for the team but Schumacher, coming back from retirement, struggled with the new cars, tyres and limited testing under the revised regulations. The team finished 4th in the Constructors Championship.


For 2011 Mercedes retain the same driver line up and are hoping for better things from their MGP W02 chassis.

Bill Boddy

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If I were cynical I wold point at Woolf and his remarks about Hamilton which are downbeat to say the least and hardly trying to build up Hamilton's confidence. With Russell there and possibly taking points it could gift the WDC to Verstappen ; Woolf has a better chance of getting the WCC by getting a driver who is better than Perez Despite his affiliation with Red Bull he could do worse than take a punt on Alban.


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but you wouldnt replace Lewis Hamilton with someone of the calibre of the Alexander Albon. for the same reason Ferrari got Raikkonen when schumacher Retired, Mclaren got Alonso to replace Kimi in 2007, & Mercedes got Hamilton to Replace Schumacher in 2013, Ferrari got Vettel for Alonso


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but Bill Boddy you cant move the goalposts. yes he is the heir apparent to Hamilton but more 2024 & they were clear that Russell was replacing bottas. which is why we had to wait so long until the alfa romeo deal was sorted. when russell deal was sorted over the summer break


Too old to watch the Asian races live.
Alonso is certainly a possible as he if needs be he would go full ron dennis 2007. to make sure they fired him. so he got the drive but he's 40

de vries - im unsure of him yet won F2 at 3rd attempt albeit in probably the weakness year of last 5 beating latifi & ghiotto. then Formula E again is tough to judge because of the lottery of qualifying & as i said on the FE thread, its hard to ever judge the quality of the drivers because normally the drivers who win the race were in the last 2 qualifying groups meaning they had been terrible for most of the season
I can't imagine them being interested in Alonso. He didn't exactly thrash his teammate, and his gigantic ego is guaranteed to bring disharmony to any team. Plus, given his age, he is definitely on a downward trajectory.

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Wolff is just using Hamilton to play politics. Hamilton is going nowhere
I tend to agree with F1Brits_90 - Wolff has seen that he can make changes to his liking at the FIA, and is using Hamilton, as (one of the biggest?) the biggest draw for the sport threatening to take his ball home with him as leverage. However, Wolff has forgotten that no person is bigger than the sport. It survived when Schumacher walked away, it survived after Senna died (many predicted the sport's demise after that). Ironically, Mercedes' dominance (and the move to subscription tv) over the last 7 years was more likely to lead to the demise of the sport than the loss of any one driver.

(Of course, I could also turn out to be completely wrong! :D)


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Ironically, Mercedes' dominance (and the move to subscription tv) over the last 7 years was more likely to lead to the demise of the sport than the loss of any one driver.
i would put 2011 & 2013 in for vettel as well, as they were just as bad as the boring years of 2015, 2017 & 2020. i wont add 2016 for the fact it was brilliant just to see maybe Hamilton at his peak maybe his greatest season

F1 has survived when even test cricket was laughing at us, for how boring F1 had become. I know its boring for a motorsport forum when there is nothing to discuss. but it is a non story. 12 months ago he was unemployed & broken every record under the sun, yes. but i just dont see anyone wanting to finish the career on that note. although i will give you thins as i said before few years ago. great sportsman rarely have the great farewell. majority normal end on a low

but if Hamilton went which he wouldnt, he would a shame as i would like max & lewis to go on for few more years. but F1 is in extremely healthy state because we have Vettel in mercedes. Alonso & riccardio, then we young stars as in Russell, Verstappen, Leclerc, Sainz, Gasly, Pastri & Norris
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