McRae Chopper Crash - Inquiry Verdict

A very sad loss to motorsport, this outcome to the inquiry does nothing to resolve the loss of any family member or friend of those who lost their lives.
I hold Colin McRae in very high regard as a contributor to motorsport and as a paragon of competitive spirit, there is very little more that one could want as an epitaph than:
"when in doubt, go flat out!"
He was a great driver and a really nice guy. This was an accident. A tragic accident.

What I don't understand is why it has taken such a long expensive enquiry to find out what happened.

p.s. His dad once took me rallying in a porsche. Scariest passenger ride ever :sick: True story.
It's sad that he passed away, but if he really did take unnecessary risks then I can't feel very sorry him to be honest. I guess we'll never know for sure.
Well rallying is an "unnecessary risk" he could have had a nice office job!

Unless your a military pilot or an air ambulance pilot, having a helicopter is an “unnecessary risk.”

Running when you could have walked is an....

What a load of ****

He had 2 children in his ****ing helicopter. Flying a helicopter is always a risk but you can lessen the risk, something he did not do according to the inquiry.

He can be such a great rallying driver, but that does not excuse him. Excusing him is a load of shit. If you want to take unnecessary risks fine, but don't do it when you have children with you. That shouldn't be so ****ing hard.
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