McNish retires


Too old to watch the Asian races live.
Allan McNIsh, one of the best sports-car racers of all time has decided to retire. Pairing him with Kristensen created the near-perfect team, as Audi discovered. He won Le Mans 3 times and other races too numerous to recount here. He will be missed by all fans of Le Mans racing, and most especially, I imagine, by Kristensen himself.

Well done, Allan. Enjoy your well-earned retirement. Thank you for all of the excitement you have brought us over the years.


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Retiring as a world champion, like his mentor Jackie Stewart. Very classy way to bow out.

He's given me some fantastic racing thrills over the years and I feel lucky to have been around to see him in action. The Le Mans victory in 2008 will go down as one of the all-time classic against-the-odds wins. Very hard for Audi to replace.

Thanks Allan!

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Some of my fave moments were watching Allan in F3 at various UK circuits, he was really great to watch, I found it remarkable that he was unable to translate that in to F1 success, but he found his sweet spot.
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