McLaren improvements


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It seems the process of improving the car goes on and macca expects new components on the MP4/24 in China. Some people expect one of these new components to be a new diffuser.

I am not a technical person, but to me it seems if macca wants to use the double deck diffuser, they actually will have to re design the whole backside of the car. mainly cos this diffuser is more an extension of the bottom of the car then just a thingie bolted at the back. i am not just asking this cos its macca, but cos other teams might have the same issue too. if they want to catch up with Brawn or use this diffuser, they will have to redesign the car.
I expect the teams started the redesign process during off-season testing when the other 3 teams unveiled their double decker diffusers.

By all account McLaren and Renault will be the first to incorporate their new diffusers.
Red Bull are going to have the toughest time of it due to the pull-rod suspension which will make it extremely difficult to incorporate a split diffuser design.

Should be interesting next Friday during testing for the Chinese GP to see what the teams have been up to.
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