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Yes I just saw that, very strange... It sounds more like driver error than anything else, I can't remember ever seeing a stuck throttle or something similar in F1.

Hope she's OK, I guess a lorry isn't as soft to crash in to as a tyre barrier. You'd imagine it wasn't particularly high speed, so the fact she's injured at all could suggest a head injury unfortunately?

We'll have to wait for more news...

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Maria de Vilotta has apparently had a life-threatening crash in aero-testing at Duxford today. The car hit one of the Marussia transporters, with the helmet taking the brunt of the impact. This is very sad news, as it is not clear what caused the accident, as the car seemed to accelerate into the truck!


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Doesn't seem like driver error to me. At a straight line test, gotta be mechanical failure or possibly a Felipe Massa style failure.


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Bad news for women drivers, even if its later found out not to be her fault. Personally I couldn't care less what danglies a driver has as long as they can do the job, but its clear women are up against it in professional motorsport due, if nothing else, to their low numbers and this won't do anything to stop the sarcy comments. I hope she recovers quickly.


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Without wanting to sound too strident, women are always up against it in any profession :disappointed:

Sorry, a bit off topic - I hope Maria makes a full recovery and the cause of the problem is firmly (and publicly) placed with the team/car.


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It sounded strange. Like the limiter was engaged? .


It's a difficult thing to do to speculate about the cause of the accident at this moment in time, but the anti-stall suddenly kicking in with the car in first gear and decelerating could presumably account for the sudden acceleration described by witnesses to the crash?


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My best wishes to Maria.The audio is not really conclusive to anything as earlier in the recording the commenentary clearly states that the car had been misfiring earlier in the run.


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I wonder if the just didn't see the tail lift?

It's exactly at head height and quite thin so that could be one explanation.
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