Lewis and Jenson wearing red


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Don't panic, they haven't jumped ship for Ferrari just yet. It's only for quali until Brazil

I saw an advert in the paper earlier for Hugo Boss stating "design our overalls for the final" - didn't realise they'd be doing it all season, so in China the McLaren duo are wearing red as it's a lucky colour in Chinese culture and they have a dragon on the back which symbolises good fortune (they're going to need it against Red Bull)


Random trivia - Hugo Boss designed the SS uniforms for the Nazi party. Snappily dressed murderers.


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The Monaco one isn't too bad. The Canada one is funny though, from the back it looks like Captain America! There's no more listed after British GP so maybe we could get one up there. You can upload your own images so I'm thinking of trying to get a picture of Eau Rouge on the back of one of the suits with a CTA logo on!


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This could be quite fun to do! I've knocked up a couple of quick designs, not uploaded any yet though.

Jenson in a race suit which says he is ready to go to war against Red Bull and Ferrari.
JB Army.jpg

Lewis in a tribute to Senna in his McLaren days.
LH Senna.jpg

And Eau Rouge with CTA logos!
JB CTA Back.jpg


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I don't know how you got those screenshots, it wouldn't work so well for me, so I just copy and pasted and used paint to get the picture of my creation...you will be a witness to it's wonder shortly...
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