Let's not forget Indy


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Hopefully this will be a separate entity as it says. McLaren appears to be slowly regaining some of its credibility on the F1 track but any distractions could derail their progress.


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Always good. They probably needed to commit to the series full time if they hoped to really compete at Indy. Thanks to Can-am, Mclaren is still a magical name over here.

As they are hooking up with an existing race-winning team, it does not change the size of the field.


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anyone see the pocono race. that was abit weird 2 red flags numerous cautions & race ended on 129 of 200 because of incoming storm & the rule that if lightning is within 7 mile radius of the circuit. the race must be suspended. so in a stroke of luck because its just who had pitted last 1st. so was at the end of a stint & power got lucky. if race gone full 200 id think pagenuad or dixon wouldve had it

the well publicised one is 5 car pile up which Sato defends himself. but apparantly like 2018 (according to the drivers) he is at fault again in 2019. he was on the outside of hunter reay & rossi. you have to yeild you cant go a round the outside 3 wide & you give way to inside cars. its how racing is. but he doesnt sato in squeeze hits rossi wheel take him & hunter reay. then rolling crash collects hincecliffe & scarely rosenquist at the last moment


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