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Oh, bloody hell. This is cruel, I'm sad and angry. Condolences to his family, friends and many fans.


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Muted with sadness but over on this side of the world Kiwi's will celebrate Scott Dixon's 4th Indycar title, as I'm sure Justin Wilson would have liked. It was a wonderful come from behind series win from one of IRL's most experienced drivers. Fourteen seasons with Chip Ganassi, amazing record and he'll be back again next season to defend his title.


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He just always gets the job doesn't he. Can't help but question both Montoya and Will Power for their collision early in the race. Both of those guys should know better than that. It was a racing incident and you can't blame either specifically, but smart conservative driving on the part of either would have prevented it.

By the way Montoya would have won without double points in the final race... personally I think the rule needs to go but Montoya can't blame that for losing out on the championship, he knew what he had to get done Sunday and didn't do it.

RIP Justin Wilson. Great driver. Great man. You can get some cool shirts and stuff to help out his family during this tough time, and some really cool items (including every helmet worn at Sonoma) will be up for auction on eBay and proceeds will go to the cause.


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He sure does get the job done soccerman17. Autosport currently rank him 7th in the world, that's before he won his 4th title so it will be interesting to see their rankings update. Montoya has been a bit sour about the double points and clearly believes he would have been a more deserving champion. He needs to look back to the Indy 500, the other race where they have always awarded double points. To win Indy and receive double points after Scott Dixon had lead for most of the race evens the argument up somewhat. Scotty always makes Kiwi's feel proud, always gracious win or loose, a wonderful ambassador for New Zealand. :D An extra big smile from a very happy Kewee.


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Montoya would have won if there was no double points in either race. But I do think the Indy 500 deserves double points Kewee. I don't think it should be done to spice up the title fight, but I do think its ok to give out double points for what is clearly the most important race of the season.


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I agree soccerman17, the Indy 500 definitely deserves double points. I should also add, like you I don't agree with double points for the last race of the season in IRL or F1. In saying that all the drivers knew what was required and Montoya and Power drove as though they were racing each other, Power should have been using his mirrors and Montoya should have been able to trust him. I do feel sympathy for Montoya but his disappointment shouldn't extend to criticising Dixon. The one thing I do like, regardless of points or double points, the driver with the most wins won the Championship.


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Should be another great race despite the mixed up grid. A lot of top drivers failed to get through to have the chance to qualify on the front three rows including Dixon and Montoya but this is a race you can win from any grid position. Montoya came from 30th last year to take the win so we can't count anyone out. Probably the only race in the world where a driver can win from the back of the grid. For me, two great races this weekend, Monaco and the Indy 500, can't wait. :popcorn:

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One where there is no overtaking and one where overtaking takes place constantly. Personally I prefer something in between.


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With Le Mans added to that list Kewee

Indy 500 - first run 1911
Monza GP - First run 1922
Le Mans - first run 1923 (although the first true Grand Prix was run at Le Mans in 1906)
Monaco GP - first run 1929

The first British Grand Prix was run in 1926 at Brooklands.


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True FB, I love Le Mans though my posting didn't include endurance racing but probably should have.
I should also add the races I quoted have a continuous history.
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So a young fellow by the name Alexander Rossi went ahead and win the Indy 500 as a Rookie. He must be a pretty damn driver. He has a bright future in single seaters and who knows he may even make it to NASCAR!


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As I've just caught up on the first Indycar race of the season in St Petersburg (not that one) I thought i'd bump this thread. Anyone else see it? Its first Indy race I've watched in about a decade I reckon and not much has changed.

Interesting race. They are going nuts for Felix Rosenqvist but then it looks as if the same people have been at the front for quite a few years and they're enjoying the new talent.

I'm interested to know why they spray the cars with water when they leave the pit. Fuel safety?


Dont know, when they were running methanol then water would extinguish fires or dilute spills, not sure now they run 85% ethanol. Might still dilute any spills enough to prevent issues.


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I enjoyed the race. having not seen it since 2012 season, strange not seeing Dixon in a red target car. I found it hilarious & America insular nature that it was a surprise that Felix Rosenquist is a good driver. who knew after macau gp win & 2 2nds, won 2015 F3 title beating Giovinazzi Leclerc Stroll Russell & Albon. then very impressive in Formula E its like only 2 people have seen a European feeder series race. Chip Ganassi & that analyst

st Petersburg was like hong kong ePrix very tight hard to overtake, COTA could be fantastic. feel for Rosenquist because if it wasnt his debut & he more expierence on the stints he couldve won that
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