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Yes but I have Virgin I'm afraid and I can't afford to have the XL package (where you get BT sport) and the sports package (where you get Sky F1).

Why their can't be one complete sports package I don't know.

So alas I don't get the Indy. :(

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BT sport SD is free if you have a BT landline.
Until it comes to time to renew the subscription....




As a Plusnet customer I have free access to BT Sport, but only via a Sky box which I neither have nor want.


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Just stopped the TV coverage of the race tonight, on BT Sport/ESPN...

It was from.. somewhere...
It was an oval...
It was boring...

... I have a drink here somewhere... :unsure:

Cheers..! :cheers:


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Don't know what you were watching McZiderRed, I'm watching the Verison 500, as I type. A 2 mile D-shaped oval with 14 degree banked turns. Not at the half way mark yet and there have been at least five different leaders with the lead sometimes changing two or three times a lap, all at over 200mph. Stunning racing, wheel to wheel !!!!!!!!!!!!! :cheer:


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McZiderRed ...... Dixon has just gone from 10th to third inside four laps. He's currently three abreast on the D-shaped turn with a slight touch at over 200mph. He's just backed out of it a whisker to save himself. Don't think any of those three are finding things too boring at the moment.


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I only saw the last three laps because I was working but I've heard it was an incredible race the whole way through. Good for Graham Rahal though, finally getting the win he deserved, crazy stuff from Marco at the end there to get to third, and wild ride for Ryan Briscoe on that crash, glad to see he's ok, hope Sato is as well.


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So, I'm currently watching my recording of the Mid Ohio race this weekend. The series has introduced track lights on the cars situated on the roll hoop behind the drivers head. This WEC where a cars position is indicated by LED lights that show your positional number. I wonder if this is what Hamilton Senior was trying to introduce to F1 a year or two ago.

I think it's a great idea to have these lights on the cars. Not only do the lights signify your position they also show when the driver is on the push to pass button. It really helps spectators and viewers to feel a little more connected with the sport.


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Didn't see the race but i just looked those up, and I think its a great idea. Seen it on the United Sportscar Series over here too.

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I've had my fingers crossed since I heard the news. I don't think single-seat racing fans are ready for more heartache.

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Indeed FB - very worrying news. I always thought it was a pity he only got the one season in F1, but I used to cheer him on in his CART duels with Bourdais. I find it surprising that he's only got 7 wins in Indy/CART though - I guess he won't be adding to that tally, even if he makes a good recovery :(


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Awful, awful news. Maybe I have selective memory there was a time when Indy Series was reasonably "safe" and all of the sudden hell broke loose and we have serious accidents every other race ...


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A lot of people in Indy circles are blaming those new aero kits for that state of affairs Olivier , they seem to cause multiple-car pack racing on ovals which has been described as "madness" by some of the top drivers including Montoya. It's been a bit of an ongoing controversy there this year.

Although in this case being hit by debris is something that could happen in any form of motor racing really...
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I was feeling good with Hamilton's win at Spa yesterday, but later on in the day hearing about Justin's terrible accident, surely shot the hell of that feeling

Hoping that Justin has a full recovery.


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There are times I hate motorsport. Of course we know it's dangerous but thats no consolation or comfort.
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