Caption Competition Kimi, Seb & Michael


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Seb: Kimi! Don't look now but can you tell this tosser to **** off. He's been taking the piss out of me all day.

Kimi: No comment
Seb "Apparently Ross told him during one of his more lucid moments that he was being replaced, made no difference though, he just asked for a fish and a fresh bucket before wearing his driving gloves on his feet and asking Peter Sauber for a job. Now all he does is just stand there with his hands in his pockets grinning"
SV - So the movie would be a typical German style, Michael is playing the love cheat, I am the jealous husband and you would be the guy cleaning the pool.
Seb to Kimi: What's Granddad still doing among-st us youngsters.
Kimi to Seb: I couldn't give a shit
Seb to Kimi: Keep ya hair on.
Schumi think to himself: I could still teach these whipper snappers a thing or two about driving.
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