Jenson drives Mt Panorama (aka Bathurst)

I know the Aussie bloke was about a second down on Button in the McLaren (impressive and shows how important circuit knowledge is) but anyone know the times in the V8?
Great circuit.

If all the teams are flying out to Oz anyway, couldn't they load a couple of their old cars up too and have a non-championship race to get our juices flowing? Ah, we can dream.
I hate to piss on Vodaphone's chips (to borrow an Aussie phrase) but the claim that JB was the first guy ever to take an F1 car around Bathurst is ludicrous. Sadly even established journalists seem to have swallowed that piece of puffery hook, line and sinker. Bathurst used to be a regular part of the Australian Drivers' Championship and it was attended regularly by top line F1 drivers piloting current F1 machines, in proper races, in the same year that the car was used in the World Championship. A far cry from JB waltzing a two year old car around the track in a promo demo.

One can only dream of building a time machine and going back to watch Maserati 250Fs and Cooper T51s duking it out around Mt Panorama, sadly cinefilm is all we have left...

Just in case that last post came over a little negative... still an amazing video and I'll bet the spectacle was well worth those folks heading out to the circuit to see it! I'll definitely have to book my tickets to see Lewis's turn around The Glen...
Now that's a real race track, more than two wheels off the circuit and you're going 'straight to the scene of the accident' as Martin Brundle would say...
That really is a proper race track. Wonder if we should all club together and send Herman Tilke there?
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