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I will put up short bio of Jean Todt in the near future but this was more to post the fact that he and Gerard Saillant (president of the FIA Institute) are suing Phillipe Streiff after comments he (Streiff) made after Jules Bianchi's accident.

These were Streiff's comments:

Former Formula 1 driver Philippe Streiff has launched a stinging attack against FIA president Jean Todt, with regards to what he is calling the shameful report on the Jules Bianchi accident at Suzuka.

Streiff, who was paralysed in a 1989 Formula pre-season crash, triggered controversy late last year when he claimed to know details of the medical condition of the great Michael Schumacher.

Those claims were denied by Schumacher’s inner circle, but now 59-year-old Streiff has turned his attention to fellow Frenchman Jules Bianchi, who is still yet to regain consciousness after his horror Suzuka crash.

French media reports quote Streiff as having told Radio Free: “Shame on Jean Todt, who ordered and organised at the last World Motor Sport Council in Doha, Qatar, the report about the accident of Jules Bianchi.”

“It was a document prepared by a group of ten friends, including Professor Gerard Saillant, to clear the errors of the FIA,” claimed Streiff.
Jean Todt probably has a bunker or trench and stays under it in the cross fire between Bernie and the F1 teams. He wants a collaborative approach to running F1 between all sides which is a complete stark contrast to Mosley's days.

Max just loved to be confrontational and tackle head on like a lawyer that he is . For Jean Todt to be confrontational against the teams he would be doing three things

i) Deny himself a future job as a team principle or team boss with an F1 team or an F1 engine builder
ii) Get on the wrong side of Bernie which he has not been for years
iii) Basically admitting he gave Ferrari too much influence with their royalty payment agreements and vetoing rules now wanting to try and curb their power in how F1 should be run

I think a turtle shell is appropriate for Jean Todt
I'm betting on Mohammed... That's where the motorsports money is these days.
It'll have bugger all to do with quality or experience.
So what is Jean Todt supposed to do. I occasionally see him looking blank at a race, but that’s not really helpful, I have no idea why looking blank earns him so much money.
Looking blank doesn’t earn me a penny
No my local GP would refer me elsewhere. 😄 But none of them will tell me what Jean Tod’t actually does at and for F1.
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According to the FIA website his job is "the external face of the FIA, acting as the voice of the institution and taking part in all ceremonial events. He/she takes executive decisions on behalf of the FIA in areas delegated by the FIA bodies and ultimately the General Assembly"

Make of that what you will. It doesn't mention anything about looking blank, but it doesn't look like the job entails an awful lot. Titular Factotum is the expression which springs to mind.

What is interesting is that the two previous Presidents have some serious right wing leanings. Jean-Marie Balestre was a member of the French Nazi division of the SS and Max Mosley's father was leader of the British Union of Fascists. FYI - Mosley's parents got married in 1936 at the home of Joseph Goebbels and Hitler was guest of honour.

Lovely people!
What are Todt’s leanings I wonder.
Has he ever said anything of note to anyone, ever.
Does he deserve his salary
I suppose, if we're being generous he has overseen the successful introduction of Formula E and championed a more environmentally sustainable future for Motorsport.

Perhaps, if we're being honest, the FIA needed to be less personality driven after decades of Mosley and Balestre.

At least we haven't spent the last decade talking about the FIA being Ferrari's personal service.

I do wonder what the future holds.
What are Todt’s leanings I wonder.
Has he ever said anything of note to anyone, ever.
Does he deserve his salary

"Bahrain might be having a civil war, but its completely safe for drivers & teams"

"will you be there jean as head of the FIA to show solidary & leadership"

"oh i would love to do but i cant, ive got a hastily arranged prior engagement"
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"Why the bally flip is Jean Todt on the front row of the blinking Oscars??" I screamed at least three times to my wife whilst watching highlights of the Oscars on Monday night.

"He's married to Michelle Yeoh" she eventually screams back at me after googling it to shut me up.


"Does that man have some sort of monkey paw that grants wishes!?!" I ask in reply.
It's known as "Kissinger Syndrome"

Henry Kissinger discerned that power is "the ultimate aphrodisiac." The result, as Kramer notes, is that powerful people are likely to find that every mirror held up to them says, in effect, you are the fairest of them all.
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