Jarno Trulli

He built up a reputation as a good qualifier in the mid-late 00's. We also had the famous Trulli train back in those days too.

Jarno's one and only win to date came way back in 2004, but IMHO he should have won more races in his career. He was famously dropped by Renault for losing a poduim finish at the French GP in that same season.

Jarno's list of teams include:


Jarno also owns his own vineyard out in his home country of Italy..

I've always thought Trulli was a average racing driver and even though i did feel slightly sorry for him when he got publicly sacked by Renault, i've never been given the impression by him that he's ever tried in races to go for that extra point.

What are your opinions on Jarno's F1 career?
Had the better of Alonso at one point and has even won a race so had potential

Unfortunately instead of maturing gracefully like a Montepulciano he seems to have gone more like a sour Red with a cork made by Briatori
Should retire and get a job for Tilke creating chicanes etc
May have been on a par with Alonso at one point but Jarno really went off the ball after his win in 04, almost like he thought he'd done enough for his seat next year by winning in Monoco. Barrichello breezed past him on the last lap of the French GP and I think it might have been Italy that year where he'd been off the pace all weekend, finished a lowly 9th (when it was still only top 6 scorers) but managed to do the fastest lap of the race on his last lap. In the words of Martin Brundle "What the hell has he come as?"

It was a real shame because he had a brilliant year in the Toyota in 05 and if he'd been at Renault instead of Fisichella that year I belive he might have pushed Alonso a little more.

Can't say I'm a huge fan but I do remember being gutted for him when he was well in front in the Prost in his first season and he had to retire with engine failure.
I used to be a big fan and really rated him. His star waned on his move from Renault.
Shame, nice bloke but that stands for nothing in F1 otherwise Michael Schumacher would still be winning. ;)
Somewhat like an iverted Heidfeld in his Saturday/Sunday performences.

Jarno's maybe just a little too laid back latin rather than fiery Italian. Comes across as a gent of the paddock (as long as your name's not Sutil) and has shown the potential for being a serious contender but maybe lacks a little application needed to stay consistent. Now he's in one of the newbie teams I get the feeling it's only a matter of time. Lotus, HRT and Virgin are sort of like a hospital; You start off there and you end up there...
Considerable raw speed and talent, but not enough of the other supporting skills that make up a really good driver. Too sensitive to fluctuations in car handling, not tenacious enough in battle, not consistent enough and poor in the wet.

He's done well enough against his team-mates to justify his place on the grid, but never a top drive, and not for much longer I fear.
His peak was Monaco 2004, after his crash at Silverstone in 2004 it was downhill from there with a brief fillip in early 2005 at Toyota but faded away into what is now medicrioty at Lotus
I feel sorry for Trulli he gets a lot of stick...

I think if he didn't get the sack in 2004 he would have made the 2005 season exciting in the Renault, unlike Fisichella. 2004-2005 was his prime.

Always out-performed the car in one lap, no wonder there always was a train of faster cars behind him...gets a lot of unfair criticism in my opinion.

Rasputin' put up an article about who leads the the three backmarker teams, as much as everyone think Trulli is doing terrible compared to Kovaleinen, he is actually ahead of him of the backmarker championship.

His qualifying laps were always a joy to watch...

Does he need to retire? Maybe, but much less than Barrichello since he has always been a match for every team-mate he has had.

Just needs to cut out the "wine-ing"...
Like everyone else I was all for giving Trulli a bit of stick at how he was getting thumped by Kovi at Lotus but I've take a closer looks since doing the backmarker Championship stuff and noticed that although Kovi thumps him good in Quali - Trulli beats Kovi hands down come race day. We don't notice because in Quali they focus on them and in race day we see nothing of them. Their results this season are as follows

Kov: R 15 16 19 R 14 R 19 R 16 R 15

Tru: 13 R 19 18 18 13 16 20 R n R 14

Now you may look at this and say its because of Kovi's retirements but if you look at Kovi's retirements most of them are down to driver errors.

If it wasn;t for Trulli then Lotus would be 11th in the constructors behind HRT.

Whilst I'm hardly suggesting maybe we're under estimating Trulli and he should be back at the front I'm using it to suggest maybe we're over-rating Kovi. Also to point out how strange that Trulli a driver known throughout his career for being good in Quali and slower on race day should suddenly switch round this late in his career!
Jarno could have been "Trulli Great" with a face that resembled Ayrton Senna spookily

His junior career was impressive..he was another victim of his F1 career being shafted by Flavio for money.

He had the momentum in 2004-2005 for a while and then it went downhill because a) He was sacked by Renault because he did not want more of his increased pay to go to Flavio for a start b) the podium loss was catalyst c) the rolling crash at Silverstone d) from pole in Spa he only managed 9th ??

As for his Toyota career he was flying at the beginning of the season then fell back thanks to Toyota management incompetence and getting rid of Gascoyne
Why exactly does everyone hate Jarno so much? I don't really understand.

People don;t hate Trulli they just find him a mystery how he can be so fast over 1 lap but in the race he is so frustrating as he tends to hold people up and never show the kind of speed he is always capable of like BErger in his latter days or Rene Arnoux in the early 80s
Why exactly does everyone hate Jarno so much? I don't really understand.

Not so much Hate Josh, simply that there are an awful lot of extremely capable young drivers waiting to get into F1 and the likes of Trulli are blocking potential seats without really contributing a great deal to the spectacle. Given Team Lotus don't seem to need pay drivers, in the way HRT and (sadly) Williams do it would be good to see a young charger get the seat rather than some bloke who's best years are very obviously behind him.

Virgin have managed to put a youngster next to an experienced driver, why not Team lotus?
People seem to have forgotten Jarno's stint at Jordan 2000-2001, where he was cruelly robbed of some excellent potential finishes by that rubbish Carbon Fibre Gearbox they were running that year. I remember a front-row start at Monaco on merit, and several podium spots (for him & Frentzen) that were lost to that bloody innovation.

One wonders how his career might have gone had the Prost's Mugen not expired while he was leading at Spielberg in '97...
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