Jaime Alguersuari

The man who feels like a god when he puts his crash helmet on does not have his own thread and due to the fact we've found out his Godly status I shall write his thread in the approproite style. So please be upstanding for the 10 commandments of Alguersuari.

Thou shall not judge a driver by his age!

He broke the record for the youngest person ever to compete in a Grand Prix when he took part in the 2009 Hungarian GP at the age of 19 years and 125 days. He also won the British F3 Championship at 18. Jaime is not even 22 yet and he already has 40 grand prixs under his belt. As long as he can keep a seat he must be looking at breaking Barrichello's record.

Thou shall judge thy too early!

Like the Phoenix Jaime has shown the potential to reach his best when he's closest to disastor. He did not impress in his first half season for Torro Rosso and despite a 14th in Brazil that year he was seen as somewhat of a moving chicane but after a little dicing with Schumi in Australia and a 9th place in Malaysia the talk had turned round and he was being talked up as a star of the future. Similarly this season it appeared he was about to be dropped and replace by Ricciardo but since then has pulled it out of the bag and has already turned this into his best season ever with 4 points scoring positions and a career high of 7th place at Monza

Thou shall treat me as thy favoured son!

Despite finishing behind his Moose like team-mate in both his previous seasons, Jaime is very much the favoured son at Torro Rosso. Franz Tost especially always speaks very highly of him.

Thou shall not depend on qualifying!

Not always the best qualifier that doesn't seem to matter with Jaime he's scored a points finish 4 times in 2011 having missed Q2 and started 18th. His best qualifying was in Belgium this year of 6th and he didn't get past the first corner.

Thou shall be a little hot headed!

Certainly last year Mr Alguersuari had a tendency to lose his cool when racing wheel to wheel and attempt to take a swipe at the driver who he is wheel to wheel with. The time he banged wheels with Kobyashi in Japan 2010 is a prime example.

Thou shall race with Champions!

Due to Mark Webber being injured Jaime actually took part in the 2008 Race of Champions at Wembley. He went out in the first round after being beaten by NASCAR driver Carl Edwards

Thou shall dance to thy own tune!

A Musical artist in his own right performing under the stage name 'Squire'. He's even DJed in Ibiza. His debut album 'Organic Life' was released on 14th Septemeber 2011. I'm sure you'll all be rushing out to buy it.

Thou shall bow to Pedro De La Rosa!

Still ony Spain's 3rd greatest GP driver but I'm sure he'll change that.

Thou shall please thy money lenders!

Torro Rosso looks as if its going to be bought our by new Arabic investers and renamed Team UAE - the same investers have big links with Spain and therefore that seems to strengthen Jamie's position in the team. Even if that isn't the case the fact that the Hispania team have been taken over by new owners promising a Spanish feel to the team must offer a good fall back point for him.

Thou shall confuse Clip The Apex Members on thy skill level!

I think nearly everyone on here(including me) predicted he'd be gone by the time the British Grand Prix came around after his early start yet back he came. I can't get a handle on how good this guy is and I get the feeling no one else can either - thoughts on Alguersuari? Is he a God who will be worshiped and sit glorious in the heavens or will he be a fallen idol forgotten in the sands of time?


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If thats true and it isn't because he's lined up for the Williams drive then I think thats a mistake - better to be visable in an F1 drive even at the back than sitting in the garage.

Others may argue with this but 3 drivers who have driven for HRT in the last 2 seasons have all been given a shot with a team further up the grid (Chandhock, Senna and Ricciardo) yes 2 of them failed to take it but thats not the point. Would they have been on the radar to get that chance without a bit of time at HRT?


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Klien and Yamamoto, of course, utterly unlikely to have been given a chance up the grid - both had already supplied evidence of their incompetence.


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I thought Klien did a better job than Senna?

Must be wrong.

He did, I'll grant you. I'm talking about his previous form with Jag/Red Bull, where he looked like a fish out of water and he became only the first driver to be beaten by David Coulthard two consecutive years.


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Jaime Alguersuari has revealed that he turned down another offer for 2012 because he believed his Toro Rosso seat was secure.

The Spaniard and erstwhile team-mate Sebastien Buemi were both dropped when Toro Rosso opted to promote Daniel Ricciardo and Jean-Eric Vergne to its 2012 race seats.

Alguersuari insists that he had been assured by the Red Bull hierarchy that he would be kept on.

"I was verbally confirmed during the Brazilian GP," he said. "Hence, being confirmed by Red Bull and STR, I rejected a very good offer."



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He doesn't say who from though and I can't think of who it would have come from that he wouldn't have taken unless it was Williams, Catherham, Marussia or HRT. Now we already know HRT offered him a seat he turned down but the other 2 seem unlikely. Lotus?

I dunno. I think maybe Jamie is blowing a bit of hot air.


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I read that too. Haven't they bought a 2010 Renault to test with?

Yes they're using an R30 which they have chosen over the TF109 due to the larger fuel tank so they can simulate full races, but I also think that they're going to modify the car so that it's in line with current downforce levels.

I doubt the experience will give Alguersuari an edge when trying to find a race seat for 2013, only need to look at Lucas di Grassi to see that, although I think Alguersuari is probably rated higher than di Grassi.


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This is great news for Jaime, not only as a way of keeping his skills sharp, but also possibly getting a deeper knowledge of the Pirelli tyre. I don't think his situation is comparable to Di Grassi's, being a lot younger and having ended his last F1 spell on a high with a great half season, I would think he's an interesting prospect for any midfielder team, at least - however my opinion may be just a bit biased as you can probably deduce from my avatar :D


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interesting tweet from Jamie today https://twitter.com/AlguersuariJA/status/248718522774085632

"Soon you'll all know where i will be driving next year. Thank you all again"

It seems to be taken that this means he's signed a contract for a race seat in F1 next year but it could equally also mean he's going to publish a map of the road trip round Europe he plans to take. He has been heavy hinting all year he'll be back in F1 but I really don't see it myself.

I have a feeling Jamie Alguersauri is the new Anthony Davidson.


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I'll believe the Ferrari thing when I see it. I'll also believe Alguersauri coming back into F1 when I see it as I don't really think he has an impressive record to stand by. Maybe HRT but he turned them down last season.
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