Is it April 1st already?

how cool ...(no pun intended) would it be to see F1 cars with a set of these on.
Bring it on I say.
I'd hate to be a spoilsport but Sochi is about as far South in Russia as you can go, and a quick look on Wikipedia says that average daytime temps are around 15 degrees (albeit with a good chance of rain:)). But I suppose it'll be a unique challenge, as one of the coldest races on the calendar.
It looks like it'll only be a one off mind, with it moving to a sensible date in 2015. I think it'll be interesting to see how F1 cars go on gritted roads, I'm sure that Bernie will make sure the race is safe. :ok:.
Let's face it, McLaren will be way out it front on their hi tech skis, but the race will escape them after a miscalculated early stop to change for Bermuda shorts and a snorkel :)
Three!!!! you are so lucky!

This is my dog Roscoe, he's the little one, this is just before we brought him home. (leiws Hamilton now has a gorgoeus new puppy bulldog called Roscoe, how about that!)

And here he is a tiny bit bigger. He was the most fantastic dog, so gentle, he would let you do anything with him.I miss him lots. I want a Pug puppy now but not sure it would be fair to the dog with current lifestyle committments.
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