I did Manliness


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Me done big pooh then ride bicycle, go do get shopping, piss wife off, eat grub then get all drunken. Proper day for proper man.


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I spent the day shopping with the wife, before coming home and making home made pizza (which tasted bloody awful) before watching T.V.


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I partook in a visit to the smallest room just before my wife wanted to brush teeth. Then, 25 mile ride with three other women, impressing them with my cycling prowess, and thighs of steel.

Me dead man, but man nonetheless!!


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Arrived home from visiting mum and family in the early hours of this day. Slept. Watched first couple of BSB on Eurosport, went shopping, let neighbours cat into house (scrounging gittess), made snack lunch and getting comfy for BSB big class race 2 and Moio GP @ Qatar to follow.

Me old bloke with house to self.:thumbsup:8-)


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As Dean Martin once said "I feel sorry for people who don't drink because when you wake up in the morning that's the best you are going to feel all day".


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Great quote. As for my next manly moment I have just ordered a 14" pizza to eat all by myself!

Me fat man!
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