Formula W (W Series)


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That's more like it.

The BBC need to stop shunting Formula E off on to obscure channels and the Red Button and actually do something with it, putting it up front on BBC 2 and actually advertising it.


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It would have been interesting to see how prominent Formula E would have been on CH4 if the deal hadn't been scuppered by the last min F1 deal.


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According to my sources (Wikipedia) the winner gets 15, and then it goes 12, 10, 7, 5, 3, 2, 1. This is same grade as DTM, Indy Lights and the F3 Regional Championships.

Higher than I thought it would be.

If driver is allowed to defend title, then 40 points is reachable in three years only driving this series.


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I watched race 3 and 4 yesterday (race 1 and 2 no longer available).

To be honest race 3 bored the arse of me and if the ch4 player hadn't auto-started race 4 I wouldn't of bothered, but race 4 was great. Decent race. The main problem I can see is the tv coverage is substandard. It's hard to follow, the graphics are all over the place and the director needs shot.

I remember watch Alice Powell at Knock hill when she was in Formula Renault. She seems to of had terrible luck in the first 4 races. Which given there is only 6 in the championship isn't great.

2 more races to go. I will be watching them.
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