Force India's big dilemma


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Force India have a massive dilemma on their hands. With Nico Hulkenberg and Paul Di Resta touted by top teams it's putting them on the back foot when it come's to next years line-up for the team. Surely their desperate for Hulkenberg and Di Resta's futures to be sorted out now rather than too late and miss out on bring in a replacement/s in. Cause if both go they'll need to work fast on bringing in replacements. From what i'm hearing Sam Bird is a really possibility for a seat next season and Ferrari academy driver Bianchi is another or even Mclaren Test driver Gary Paffett has been linked with a seat. Surely VJ and his team must be tearing their hair out at the possibility of losing both top drivers.

Also this will start to affect how they design their car aswell, it's no good design a car around Nico and Paul if neither of them are there. Do Force India panic and get two drivers in now or do their wait and lose out on getting a decent car going for the 2013 season?

Tricky situation what the team find themselves in.
FI have been so inconsistant this season that I cannot readily rate them. And if the likes of ME can't rate them, how can any driver of any repute be expected to do so. After last year I expected them to be vying with the like of Mercedes, yet their form varies from one race to next so much that it is impossible to come to terms with their real potential. If they become consistant, I think the problem will resolve itself.
It is looking more likely that both drivers will stay on for next season.

With Massa upping his game, and Hamilton looking insync with his team again, we don't know about Schumacher yet. Although considering that he's saying that his decison to continue or retire will be in October, I think he'll retire, but I don't see why, since he's been the best he's been since his come back, and has had some atrocious luck.

I think the drivers at Force India are saving the teams season, as the car doesn't look great compared to it's competitors around them. They've been lucky that Sauber haven't capitalised on their chances, and that Williams have a hit and miss driver, and one being a turtoise.
The other factor you fail to take into account with Force India is that their current owner has had a servere hit to his bank balance and the team have got to be much shorter in the funds department than they have been for a while and therefore next years driver line-up might actually depend on how much cash the driver can help bring in. Neither Di Resta or Hulkenberg are majorly backed and therefore if one of them went it would free Force India up to land someone who maybe has less talent but can help prop the team up as Air Asia is going belly up.

Aretha currently sponsor the team and they are Jules Bianchi's personel sponsor so you would think as they've invested already they may chuck a bit more money in to see him in the race seat.

Having said that bringing in Sam Bird being brought in might cut the bill for Mercedes engines quite significantly but scouting his website he doesn't have many other big names to throw money in the hat for him.

It all depends on how much less VJ is going to chuck in the hat and how much Sahra are going to pick up the bill but as much as I would hate to see it happen someone like a Bruno Senna or even a Narain Karthkeyen who bring in mass funds might start to look attractive to the management. Or how about Van Der Garde with his £8 million for a race seat as a happy medium.

At the end of all this speculation though I expect at least one of Di Resta and Hulkenberg to leave the Force India team - if not both,
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