Force India reveal their new car in a virtual launch

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Force India have unveiled their Formula 1 challenger for the 2010 season in a low-key launch on their website.

More pic's.


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Is this FI's "spot the difference contest"? The rear wing end plates are green and, as everyone else has got some, they put some bumps above the front suspension mounts. Evolution not revolution? Evolution is reported to take millions of years...
Slightly o/t but that front wing is a perfect microcosm of where F1 is going wrong.

I wouldn't even want to estimate how many engineers and designers, how long in the wind tunnel, and how many redesigns it took to finalise the endplates. The design teams will argue "but we need to spend so much and design it properly to get the most advantage", but how sad is it that a fairly small and seemingly minor detail can affect a highly developed and technical piece of machinery so much? And the icing on the cake? I would guess that 99% of F1/motor racing fans couldn't care less what the endplate looks like.

It also looks more than a bit 'fugly' (the endplate, not the FI overall)
Muddytalker said:
Slightly o/t but that front wing is a perfect microcosm of where F1 is going wrong.
Couldn't agree more.

The amended rules to remove all the gubbins, addons and sticky-out bits from the body has done nothing except shift them all to the front wing.

Let's hope the rules are amended again for next season to clamp down on it.
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