Bookies drive nice cars because of people like me
The first thing they should do is scrap the unlapping of lapped cars. They are unfairly being given a lap back at the same time as extending the SC period significantly. The answer is simple; make them drop to the back of the crocodile and then everyone can go racing much quicker.

Like the lapped cars through the pit lane idea.

I've been banging on about this for 3 years now :(

I don't really see it as that complicated. For example, when they are coming onto a straight either the cars that are a lap down all move to the left while those on the lead lap go past, or the lapped cars go through the pitlane and wait at the exit until the train is past. Would you really rather wait 5 minutes and lose a couple of racing laps while everyone catches back up?

I think we are going to see more full course yellows, whether real or virtual SCs. I hope the virtual idea works, but as some have said, you often need the pack bunched up so that the track can be swept. Obviously you cant have marshals doing that with cars coming past every few seconds, no matter how slowly they are going.

I think you will need real safety cars when there is debris and imagined ones when there are accidents off the track being cleared.
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