Poll First poll of the season - Testing Times

What are we to make of Brawn GP and Mclarens performances so far in testing? (you can pick 2)

  • Mclaren were holding back and are better than there times suggest

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  • Mclaren are in trouble

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  • Mclaren are just testing options and will be up to speed by OZ

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  • Brawn GP are right on the pace and will be right up there in OZ

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  • We don't have enough information to tell either way what Brawn GP will do

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I thought I would post this poll to see what the general view is on the board towards Brawn and Mclarens testing times
I've voted for the bottom option.

McLaren may be in trouble at the moment, and if the comments attributed to Whitmarsh today are accurate then they do have some problems to solve.

But McLaren have the resources to identify and solve problems more readily than any other team. They also, crucially, have another test at Jerez next week to gather more data.

Much will change between now and Melbourne. I can't help wondering, too, if Brawn are chasing headline times for sponsorship purposes. I wouldn't blame them for it; the team only has a budget to the end of the year and they wouldn't be the first to use such a tactic.
Like GM, I also voted for the bottom option. Judging times set during testing is notoriously difficult. I hope that McLaren can iron out the problems they appear to have and they do have further test time at Jerez to do just that. Whether they can, though... :dunno:

As for Brawn, I hope that the times they have set are genuine. Why run light when testing this close to the start of the season, when testing is severely restricted/limited? Bit of a gamble just to get sponsorship which might blow up in their faces. There is some-one who seems certain that Brawn's pace is genuine. Fernando Alonso! Do you think he might be regretting not signing for Honda now??!! Alonso says Brawn GP pace is real
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