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Not sure if this is the most appropriate thread for this post, but anyway, some interesting news has appeared regarding the new Ferrari. You can see a brief overview on James Allen's blog, but one of the things of most interest is their sidepod / leading floor / crash structure.

Scarbs has said:- "Rumours are Ferrari & McLaren both have the sidepods split from the side impact protection & thus a split floor. This creates a shorter floor & moves downforce rearwards to compensate for the loss of EBD. This is similar to the short floor used by Mercs W02 in expectation of a lesser EBD effect in 2011, but without the short wheelbase. Clever!"

You can actually see images of the Ferrari on the link below by Piola - same person who came out with all the Lotus reactive ride height stuff. Notice how their are almost wings in-front of where the sidepods usually are with a split floor.

Autosprint in the current issue now offers a complete service on the new Red debuting next week. Bellies and narrow wings inspired by McLaren

The new Ferrari (which should be called F12 or F2012) will have two front flippers revolutionary,hidden in protective structures and largely inspired by the McLaren MP4-26 last year. Bellies but also narrow, narrower than the current regulation (140 cm) and many other features that should make this time really "extreme" as Domenicali wanted since last autumn.

The next Ferrari will be a real clean break with the past. Some called it "bad" after seeing the shapes of the project, probably because of the hump on the nose but in the final version should have been smoothed and particularly annoying line. But what really stand out are the new wings on the sides of the passenger: Ferrari has found a way to exploit the rules of safety and crash certain protections to ensure that the crash structures become "the soul" that supports two new appendices andirons.

But this is not all unheard of in the new Red, which will be presented on February 3. Also found in the original front suspension, tighter stomachs, a lower belt line and a curious circular air vent at the end of the bonnet, under the wing, like that sported by Red Bull in 2011. And even higher discharges, according to the regulations, a provision will nno so obvious.

All the latest news, illustrated by drawings by Giorgio Piola, you will find in the large cover storydevoted to the new Ferrari on the newsstands on Tuesday 24 Autosprint.
All the engineers who transfer between teams carry IP in their heads. Jackie Stewart went out looking for such people to employ, that is how he managed to get a reasonable car so quickly.

When my brother got a job with an engineering company he also got a contract that he would not accept employment with a named competitor for some years, i think it was three.
I know there are some on here who have some experience in employment law but I think that would be a "restriction of trade" and therefore unenforceable at a tribunal. Best that any firm (be it an F1 team or what ever) is build in such a long notice period that you end up sitting on your bum, getting paid for 6 months or a year - gardening leave I think is the preferred phrase these days. Isn't that what happened to Adrian Newey?
6 months is generally the most any company can get away with, even then they are pushing it a bit. That is why they will pay people to do nothing rather than let them start working for a competitor.
This was a few years ago, as I remember it was allowed then. It didn't matter anyway because when he did leave he joined a small company, not the forbidden one.
No contracts or laws have been broken here, so McLaren have only themselves to blame, although from the posts on here it seems that they couldn't have stretched it much more. The information inside their new signings head seems like fair game (wrong phrase?) to me.
This was a few years ago, as I remember it was allowed then. It didn't matter anyway because when he did leave he joined a small company, not the forbidden one.
I was advised as long ago as the 1990s that you can write what you like into a contract, but anything that prevents an individual changing jobs is simply unenforceable. Exactly as FB says, it is restraint of trade under EU laws.

You can have long notice periods and gardening leave (i think 6 months is the max), but you have to pay them. You can stop them taking anything on writing or on disk, but you can't erase their brains :)
ECT can cause loss of memory (both short term and long term); basically some the reasoning behind its medical use.
Are there countries where ECT would be allowed in employment law... :whistle:?
Could we see F1 teams relocating to take advantage of this?

... no offence intended towards those who have experienced this, or similar, treatments.
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