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Just been watching back on Sky F1 classic races the 1993 German Grand Prix and coming round the first corners we had Hill and Schumacher dueling at the front with Prost and Senna banging wheels just behind and it got me thinking about famous rivalries, drivers who's careers are linked together by long running battles and wondered how many we could come up with:

Senna vs Prost

The most famous of all rivals and this one got really nasty but was it the most exciting?

Lauda vs Hunt.

The first real F1 media superstars and whilst they always said they were mates they couldn't have been more opposite.

Schumacher vs Hill

Some people will say Schumacher vs Hakkeninen was more intense but for me the dice with Hill is the defining career point.

Alonso vs Hamilton

Ok so Vettel has come along and stole their thunder but lets face it these two will be talked about as rivals for years to come.

Which is your favourite and what other ones can you think of? Lets fill the three week break with memories.

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While Senna vs Prost and Lauda vs Hunt are the more famous rivalries, my personal favourite was Hakkinen vs Schumacher (98-00). Two best drivers of the time in the two best cars. Massive rivals on the track and great friends off it.


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Trulli vs Fisichella - a little less obvious but the two of them spent their times often switching between the same teams in the quest to be considered the top Italian, almost entirely contemporariously.


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There was also the rivalry between Villeneuve and Schecter in 1979. A rivalry that had something rather unique about it, in that it took place between two team-mates contesting the title who were actually close friends rather than just good mates.
How often did that ever happen?
Maybe we'll see that at Mercedes next year if the team produce a top-drawer car.


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Nice quotes, but you have to wonder about their veracity. The article amongst other gems describles how McLaren released Alonso from his contract "with the spaniard on his way to Ferrari in 2008"... :whistle:


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The one missing was Piquet vs Mansell because Honda thought Piquet should be No 1 and they blamed Williams for losing the title to Prost and the bad blood between the two meant Honda left Williams for Lotus and it nearly ruined Piquet's reputation

A few underestimated rivalries

Schumacher vs Montoya - the numerous battling overtakes these two have had

Alonso vs Raikkonen

Alonso vs Vettel - the sniping quotes by Alonso competing against someone who can only win in a competitive car

Button vs Hamilton - two british world champions and few tangles in the same team- it actually helped Button's reputation further

Hawthorn vs Moss - the battle to be the first British world champion

Arnoux vs Prost - both came through the French F3 in Renault in the all French team erupted when Arnoux did not let Prost win French GP in 82 to help his title challenge. Prost obviously not happy but Arnoux was having none of it . Arnoux went to Ferrari and Prost stayed at Renault for 83 and both battled for the title. This time Prost was blamed for failing to secure the title despite concerns about the lack of progress by Renault being overtaken by BmW. Ultimately PRost was fired and went to Mclaren - the rest was history. Arnoux was nowhere in 84 season and was sacked in 85


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How about Ralf Schumacher vs Rubens Barrichello

started off really BRazil 2001 when Rubens was desperate to do well at home and he was not happy the previous race when MSchumacher caught him off guard in Malaysia passing him aggressively. His car failed just as he was going onto the grid and it was a rush to get him out . He made a shocking start and then ran into the back of Ralf who was came across to take a line into the corner

Whilst Rubens complained about Ralf's weaving , Ralf responded " Rubens should accept he is not my brother as he will never beat him " quote

They had two further incidents Australia 2002 and Germany 2003

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