F3 huge crash


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Whoaa mental. I love the words 'huge crash'. Is that wrong? Report says whassname is alert and awake, no major injuries for anyone. Which makes it alright. Brilliant.


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Fantastic crashes are brilliant. Spectacles of physics at its finest. Millions of R and D and thousands of carbon fiber costs down the drain. A true testament to quality safety tests to allow massive transfer of energy to be safe to the drivers.


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Seems like the right place to put it. But yes catching up on F3 which ill have to catch a repeat because red flag lasted about 90+ mins sofia floersia had a huge accident. No replays but from what ive read it was a seemingly webber Valencia 2010 accident as she went over the back of car in front

But what i saw on tv was a big black blur. But glad shes ok & i bet when 2 photographers have recovered they'll have some cracking action pictures :D

Floersch suffers spinal fracture in Macau crash


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That’s good.
I just got this update also:
Tsuboi and photographer Hiroyuki Minami have already been released from hospital. The other photographer, China’s Chan Weng Wang, has to stay for treatment for about 10 days after lacerating his liver. The marshal suffered a broken jaw.
From news.au
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